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What is a Loan

A loan on the Discovery RP 24/7 server is an agreement between two players. The loan giver provides the loan receiver with ingame credits and or ships in exchange for an agreed sum (related to ship loaning) or added percentage or fixed sum (related to credit loaning), that the loan receiver will provide the loan giver in return after a pre-agreed time period along with the original ship/credit amount being lend.

An example of a loan

John is a new player on the server. He posts on the forum about needing a credit loan to buy a transport. David has the spare money and gives him the needed amount of money for one week, after which John will have to repay him the money, plus, additional 40 million credits. Alternatively, David can provide John with a transport instead. This is useful for people, who do not intent on making a dedicated trader.

How to acquire a loan

Loans are usually posted in the roleplay section on the forums. Best way to prepare a roleplay post for a loan is to state your character's name, affiliation, the money he wishes to loan, the intention for that loan as well as the additional cost you are willing to pay. Players are more likely going to take note of your request if you ask the money for a transport and that the loan will bring them income as well.

Things to keep in mind

Out of roleplay (ooRP) negotiated loans are the safest, because in the case of a fraud, the admin team may punish the offender for malicious actions. If an in roleplay (inRP) loan fits the theme of Discovery, however, the loaner may steal the money in roleplay. Lend and Loan at your own risk.