Monaco Base

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Monaco Base
Francois Grimaldi class Asteroid Base
Monaco Base.jpg
CorseLogo.png Unione Corse
6F, Provence
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 160

Monaco is a small Unione Corse base built within Mer Mediterainee circa 680-690 A.G.S., presumably with the help of the Junkers. Monaco was specifically tasked to house a top secret facility to produce Nox outside of Marseille, a fact that the Corse continue to deny. It is widely known that Nox-producing species were transferred to Monaco multiple times, and that the results of Corse experiments were a partial success. Nox produced away from Marseille has a different chemical composition and slightly different effect, also being more expensive than the original. Yet, a number of consumers are already addicted to the new version of the product, and the Corse produce it at Monaco in small quantities. The original Nox is of course available from the station as well. Monaco is a heavily secured facility, and apart from the docking areas, outsiders are never allowed to venture into the station's confines where new sorts of Nox are being developed.

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Mistral Noir
Light Fighter
Cuirassier Noir
Heavy Fighter