Namura Research Station

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Namura Research Station
Ibashi class Station
Namura Research Station.jpg
GmgLogo.png Gas Miners Guild Guard
4C, Sigma-59
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 150

The newest station constructed in Sigma-59. This small outpost serves as the home and research station of a bright and growing GMG group known as Namura Engineering. Born from and named in honour of the brilliant Dr. Ito Namura and his staff of engineers that revived the three war beaten Rheinland battleships GMG commandeered. Since that time, operating exclusively in Sigma 59, GMG's Namura Engineering has lived on. From modifying allied ship designs like the Kamome and Kujira to creating and refining ships of strong GMG heritage like the Garanchou, Karasu and Kaichou, GMG's Namura Engineering continues to provide invaluable service. Thanks to a relatively new covert alliance with Blood Dragons (whom both faced the Wilde at different locations and continue to do so) and the construction of this station, Namura Engineering has begun the dangerous pursuit of studying what was salvaged from Wilde wrecks.

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