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This is a list of all other Freelancer servers running the Discovery mod, sorted by popularity. Some of them may have different rules of conduct than the main Discovery Gaming Community server, so make sure you check their respective community forums before you log on for the first time. If you are running your own Discovery Freelancer server, feel free to add it to the bottom of the list!

Name Location Server Address Website Description
-=[Discovery of Discovery]=- RUS bash.gumbert.ru:2380 Station and System Conquest. Deathmatch RP. Desctructible Universe. RPG style loot.
TSO Freelancer Server USA Link The Secret Order Freelancer Server
BnBserver.co.uk UK Link Bitchcraft and Bluntys action freelancer server. pvp encouraged
Discovery FL - Latinoamérica AR ksip.no-ip.org:2302 / freelancer.sirius-game.com:2302 / Link Latin server running Discovery 4.87. Main language: SPANISH - Servidor Latinoamericano corriendo Discovery 4.87. Idioma principal: ESPAÑOL. Visite las noticias de nuestro sitio web para más información. Nuevo sitio web: www.sirius-game.com
Discovery Of Fun 24/7 RP USA ugs-server.net:2302 / Link Stats NOLAG - High Performance English Server. RP Rules & Gameplay. All Welcome - Start with $10000 Credits. PVP Enabled. Public TS3 Available On Ask. Email us With Any Concerns/Questions. We Look Forward To Seeing You In-Game.
Discovery PTC USA discoptc.dyndns.org:2302 Link Local North America server - English Only. Relaxed Discovery role play rule set. Free travel, free weapon tech, with a choice of over 30 start points and factions. We are not a PvP server. RP is required, but not to the extent of some of the other servers. See About Discovery PTC for more information.
Discovery Redemption 24/7 USA Link North American server hosted in New York - English Only. Relaxed role play rule set. Over 50 restarts available and an unlimited trading ZOI. If you want to use your Liberty Rogue to trade with Outcasts, that is fine but it is up to you to avoid hostile NPC and players. Minimal RP is required before PvP. SRP applications are also much less restrictive as other servers.
Discovery Freelancer RU OIGINAL RU flserver.ru:2302 Site Russian RP server, the main languages - Russian. Used modes of Discovery Freelancer. Enable RUS-chat in game. Translate text in IDcard. More...
Discovery Sirius 24/7 EU flsirius.dyndns.org:2302 Link German Discovery Fun-Server (english speaking Freelancers are welcome)
Discovery UK RP 24/7 UK discouk.game-host.org:2302 Link UK-based RP server using the same rules as the Freelancer RP (GC) server (occasional changes). Online 24/7, always running the latest updates moments after release. Enterprise grade connection for lag-free encounters. Strong community more than willing to help both new and existing players. Frequent RP and PvP events.
Freelancer Discovery USA 24/7 USA discousa.no-ip.biz:2302 Link RP server based in the USA. Server rules are different from those of the official server; please visit our forums to view them. The server is online 24/7, with minimal downtime. Runs the latest updates of the Discovery mod.
Freelancer Siberia RP RUS Link Siberia RP server. Modified rules and gameplay, various competitions and events. Language - russian. Here are struggling to survive the harsh Siberian people.
Open to All 24/7 UK geo-hosting.co.uk:2302 Link open 24/7 365 500,000 start credits and netural reps ...
Resource HUN FL24/7 HUN l2resource.hu:2302 Link Hungarian Server running Discovery 4.86. 24/7. Base Language : Hungarian Second : English. Stable and Active. Várunk Szeretettel !
Softfire Freelancer v4.86 CA freelancer.softfire.ca:2302 Link Canadian RP Server running Discovery 4.86. Open 24/7. Everyone Welcome!
Softfire Freelancer v4.87 CA freelancer.softfire.ca:2303 Link Canadian RP Server running Discovery 4.87. Open 24/7. Everyone Welcome!
Syphers Universe UK discosu.game-host.org:2302 Link UK Server Running Discovery 4.86 The Exiles. 24/7 RP. Everyone welcome!
The Exiles AU server.freelancer-exiles.com:2302 Link Australian based, Discovery 24/7 Non-RP server. Version: 4.86. Check out the website/forums for server rules, community, events and more.
Universal Discovery RP 24/7 USA universalds.dyndns.org:2302 link English Server Discovery 4.86; From 12/31/2011 to 1/8/2012 11pm EST when you create a new character or use one of the restarts you will receive $965,500,000 to start off New Year and the New Release of Discovery Exiles 4.86.
coreyh.ca Freelancer CA coreyh.dyndns.org:2302 Link Atlantic Canada Server. Discovery 4.85, attempting 24/7 but may need to come down at times due to bandwidth.
Tanamir's Server CAN Western Canada Server 4.85?
Reminiscence Discovery 4.87.7a CZ/SK Link Reminiscences Discovery is only 4.87.7a CZ/SK server with this mode on the Czech-Slovak scene. There is emphasis on the RP element. Server works on the latest product updates. Come and play .....
[ITA] Discovery Freelancer IT Link First discovery Italian server 4.86 beta at the time.
Discovery AR RP-Server GE Discovery AR Testing until 2012-02-29. On first march 2012 we start with the full production. Roleplay is not recommandet, but you can make interesting things with RP and can get more ships with RP. Factions are welcome and we give them some benefits.
FLD Spain - Free experimental ES link Testing for now not always online. Surprise under /restart freelancer English Obrigatory
CursedEarth WILL BE ON LINE 24/7 ALWAYS!

UNITED KINGDOM CursedEarth forum link Roleplay server running Discovery 4.86 beta Clan leaders will recieve cash start up after recruiting 3 members of 10 million

ADMIN staff need and also forum/web designer, if you're interested contact DreDD at cursedearth@live.co.uk

Discovery US Relaxed RP East Coast US dsru.dvrdns.org:2302 Discoveryus.forumotion.com 6 new player bases designed to increase trades/mining/smuggling in Gallia. Gallic mining adjusted for higher output. Relaxed atmosphere, everyone welcome. Official clans get home system and startup funds after reaching official status. New players get startup funds after 1 weeks of play. Many new restarts!

HighGuard is the ADMIN.

Discovery Free Play 24/7 Non-RP USA disco-freeplay.game-host.org Link Non-RP Discovery server with territory conquest for official clans. Centrally located in the USA for the lowest pings possible for North American players. Any weapons/ID/ship combination. RP is not enforced at all. Power drain on cruise disabled. Tech compatability disabled, repfixer disabled. 3 restarts provided: Nomads, Phantoms, and Coalition. (These factions can't be repped to). Clans require only 3 players to become official.
Universe of Discovery Canada UOD Stats UOD Forum RP Discovery Server with easier bases, cloaks, jump drives, and some other things. Factions Need at least 2 people to be official. For Support Post On Our Forums Or Email Us At: atlantianempire@me.com All other Information Will be posted On The Forums.
24/7 Player Governed Server AUS/NZ g3nocide forums Discovery 4.86 server almost no rules player governed Harsh environment only the strong and skilled will survive. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK
Brobot's Disco Server US fl.goldenboots.net:2302 or brofl.goldenboots.net Discovery 4.86 server with little rules, mostly PvP, PvE, Mining, Trading, ETC. Being annoying and raging about dying will not be tolerated.
Ghostlord Sweden Discovery 4.86 SWE -sghostlord.no-ip.org:2302 ghostlord.no-ip.org/freelancer Discovery 4.86 server
Duios Discovery SG / SEA SG / SEA -swww.duios.com:2302 Link Discovery 4.86 South East Asia - See link for server changes.
Lancers Edge Discovery NoRP 24/7 Canada discovery.lancersedge.net:2302 Link North American Discovery server hosted in Western Canada on professional hardware. No RP rules enforced. TeamSpeak 3 available at discovery.lancersedge.net.

Startup server getting the ball rolling, still in the process of tweaking the server to be unique. Suggestions welcome on official website forums.

Cpaulv Discovery Canada cpaulv.com:2302 North American Discovery server hosted in Southern Ontario, Canada. Come and play and enjoy. Please be friendly!
Last Terror Enforcers GGC GER lte-clan.net:2302 Discovery Server of the "Last Terror Enforcers" General Gaming clan. Please visit https://www.lte-clan.net/ for more information, Server rules and the password. Feel free to join our Discord if you have any questions, considerations or just want a little talk: https://discordapp.com/invite/vYhSnpY
DarkDisco Freelancer server RUS Russian RP server - small and friendly :)

Freelancer aussie roleplay server.

this is an up and coming roleplayer server for aussie players. we are currently running a dual core xeon server but will be upgrading in the near future :D. so come and join us and make the universe yours. become a pirate,trader,police,navy, or freelance :). the universe is yours