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Planet Hammersee
Planet Hammersee.png

Owner Rheinland Federal Police
Location 5F, Sigma-15
Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Mountainous
Diameter 6,485 km
Mass 4.73 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -34°C to 21°C
Escape velocity 9.04 km/sec

Hammersee is an uninviting and tectonically active moon of Planet Juist, situated in the Sigma-15 system in far orbit of the primary star. The surface is dry and dusty, with volcanic activity commonplace. Despite this, the few lakes and small seas dotting the planet are easily desalinated due to their low salt content, and there is enough oxygen in the atmosphere to support human life, albeit uncomfortably.

Initial Rheinland Colonists found a number of antiquated probes and surveillance drones upon the planet's surface, revealing that they were not the first visitors. With their heavy spaceborne presence in the system, it was ascertained that they may have been leftovers from an initial Bundschuh surveying of the planet. Hammersee's vast subterrane of old lava caves and tunnels implies that they could have a literal "underground" on the planet, but at present the claims are unsubstantiated and too labor-intensive to examine fully.

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