Planet Lesbos

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Planet Lesbos
Planet Lesbos.jpg
Location 3C, Omicron-91
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Technical information
Docking No
Terrain N/A
Diameter 26,216 km
Mass 9.89 x 10e24 kg
Temperature N/A
Escape velocity 15.42 km/sec

Planet Lesbos is slightly smaller, but much more arid than Planet Crete. Its atmosphere consists of 80% Nitrogen, 19% Oxygen, and various trace other gasses. The primary reason for life not existing on this planet is the lack of Water, even in the form of vapour. The dust storms on Lesbos are also a major barrier to the settlement of the Planet. However, it is obvious from topographic scans conducted in the past, that there was life on Lesbos before humans arrived in Sirius. The more learned Corsair minds are completely baffled by the circumstances of this Planet and how it became so arid.

The Council of Elders and the Brotherhood have both expressed great interest in this planet as a future source of artifacts for the Corsairs, citing the cities of ruins buried under the sands of Lesbos. However, the conditions on the surface are such that, for the foreseeable future at least, there is no possibility of surveying and extracting the resources from this arid world.