Reaver Mercenary Company

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This is a player faction.

Reaver Mercenary Company
Reaver Mercenary Company.png
Origin Bad life choices.
Alignment We follow the pay.
Date of founding 815 AS A.S.
Founder(s) The Reaver
Current leader(s) Cerulean
Base of operations Freeport One
Primary role
Kill things for money.
Secondary role
Being the kind of people your mother warned you about.


Where did the Reavers came from? That is a question that follows the bloody footsteps of this company throughout its existence. A seemingly complicated question, but one that has a very short answer. Greed. The greed that people have for a multitude of things. Power, money, revenge, and guess what? More power. Ever since the dawn of Man, there are instances of murder for hire, and since murder is frown upon in most human societies, such actions are extremely well payed. If not for murder, it is for power, as many mercenaries are hired to tip the balance of many engagements that populated our history. The first recorded instance of the usage of mercenaries in war was in 2000 B.C. That is, Before Christ, in the old Sol System days. That is a long time, if we do the math. But the actual hiring a mercenary or an assassin to kill someone that was in the way? Way before. Greed fueled a lot of death and still does, and the more advanced humanity is, the more powerful is greed.

Over eleven years ago, one man, a former bounty hunter, with its crew, decided to truly shed all ties that categorized the bounty hunting business. Never before in Sirius a mercenary was that worthy of that title. His ship, named The Reaver, as its owner, traveled and fought for at least one year in various skirmishes, contracts, assassinations and even participating in the First Battle of California, amassing a small fortune and fame.

What did that man did with that? He created the Reaver Mercenary Company, and surrounded himself with the most bloodthirsty and proficient hunters in the game. With some small successes, the name Reaver became a known trademark in the mercenary and bounty hunting business. After a year, the leader, only known as Reaver, decided to pass the Company to one of his most trusted 'Colors'.

What is the colors? Codenames, of course, for each pilot protection. Some take it like it was just an extra layer of security, and some others take it to heart.

And from then, such tradition occurs. The Company owner, although truly a owner, passes the contracts and full might of the whole organization to someone that he or she handpicks from the roster.

But it was not until Silver, that the Reaver Mercenary Company knew what fame and fortune was truly like. From billionaire contracts, to the establishment as de facto leaders in the mercenary and bounty hunting market, the one year and half that Silver was the owner, the company grew from a small, dedicated company numbering in the twenty or so, to the hundreds that now offer even personal security solutions to a multitude of factions.

To this day, it stays at the top of the suppliers of death, strength and greed, under the command of Cerulean.


Faction Relationship
One Bourbon
One Scotch
And one Beer
Sina's Mom
Sweetwater's Mamary Glands
Morena's Arse
At War
Whatever is left of the Universe.. And Lazuli the Rapist
At War

Noteworthy Kills

Antonio Devivar - Ghost Reaver

William "Billy" Bishop - Silver Reaver

Elder Miguel Sephardi - Silver Reaver

Guildmaster "Stoat" - Indigo Reaver

The Havana - Copper Reaver

The Karl Marx - Copper Reaver

The Trotsky - Silver Reaver

David Hale - Icterine Reaver

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