Ronaldo Benitez

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Ronaldo Benitez
Ronaldo benitez.png
Origin Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
Affiliation Corsairs (Corsair Benitez Family)
Born April 6 784 A.S., Planet Crete
Died Still alive

Ronaldo Benitez is a prominent member of the Benitez familia, and current leader of the organisation, having assumed the role of Commandante following the retirement of Jose Benitez in early 819 A.S..

Bio Summary

Ronaldo was born as the only son of Neive Benitez and an unkown Corsair fighter pilot. From a young age Ronaldo received instruction from his uncle Custo, learning how to fight and fly. He underwent the important rite of passage in the Maladva Could at the age of 14. His first year was spent as a co-pilot of a Correo freighter flying supply runs between all Corsair bases in the Omegas. His marine training started at the age of 16 and this training was followed by a deployment as a crewman on the Benitez flagship, the Battleship Talos. The Familia was at that time still under orders from Don Rivas. He assisted Jose Benitez during the siege of the Talos in 800 AS which ended Don Rivas Benitez' regime.

After the regime change he quickly rose through the ranks of La Familia and served all over the Corsair Empire. Ronaldo went missing in 812 while on a deep recon mission into Rheinland to judge the strength of the Hessian Threat, returning in 813 AS when he took some time off from the space force to purchase and run his own bar; Ronnie B's.

Present Day

From 815 AS Ronaldo had been an active Benitez Elder serving the Commandante as a valued advisor, and leading Benitez expeditions and missions. His hobbies include long luxurious vacations, mountain hiking, tending in his own bar and joking around with several other Benitez.

In 819 AS following the retirement of Commandante Jose Benitez, Ronaldo was appointed the new Commandante, responsible for coordinating all Benitez forces and operations. Ronaldo received the promotion at a special ceremony at Myrtos Villa conducted by his old friend Don Carlos Benitez.

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