Salazar Kithe

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Salazar Kithe
Origin Jupiter orbital colony, Sol
Affiliation None
Born June 14th, 2231 Earth Original Date.
Died Still alive

Salazar Kithe is a terrorist, a madman determined to reap revenge on Bretonia for sins he see's them having committed 800 years ago.

Salazar was placed on the sleeper ship Bretonia when the Alliance decided to come to Sirius, but due to either sabotage by one of his many enemies or perhaps just a flaw in the pod, he was forced to stay fully concious for the entire 200 year long journey. He frequently comments that the journey was 800 years long, as to him it felt that long, being unable to sleep, breath or move for such a long time.

He blames the Bretonians for what happened to him, and has sworn to kill 10 Bretonians for every second he spent on that ship, and will not rest until his revenge is complete.


Born on the Jupiter Orbital colony, Salazar was promised a bright future, told he would be an idol to the young of the generation. He spent his early life studying advanced engine mechanics under a Professor who lived on the colony with his family. When Salazar turned 17, he started his career as a pilot in the Alliance army. When he was 19, the Coalition force managed to breach the Allie's defence force, and as Salazar turned up with the main fleet to repel the invaders, watched as his home, his family, and his love was murdered.

He went to the Alliance command centre, and he begged them to give him a ship. They stood there, and they gazed into his eyes, and they granted his request.

The early years

Salazar christened the ship the "Vengeance", determined to use her to strike back at those who had torn so much from him. He spent the next 3 years of his life performing guerilla tactics upon the Coalition, striking at shipyards, transports and occasionally warships. The Vengeance was an advanced strike cruiser, with a crew of around 50.

When Salazar turned 21, he married a woman the same age called Charlotte. They lived happily together on the 4th fleet's headquarters until the day they left.

Leaving Sol.

When the Allie's decided to flee, Salazar was livid. All he had fought for, and they just wanted to run. He begged them to allow him to remain, to stay here, but they refused his requests. He was sent to the sleeper ship Bretonia for preparation for the long trek. Charlotte was also sent, and unknown to both of them, she was with child.

Before the sleeper ship left, Salazar stood upon the deck of his beloved cruiser and entered the co-ordinates for where the Sleeper ships would head to. The Vengeance was not a long trek ship, so the journey would take far longer than the sleepr ships would take, but he filled the Vengeance with libraries of information, the history of man as he could find it. In case they ever forgot, the Vengeance would be an ark of knowledge for the people of Sirius, long after he died.

Arriving in Bretonia.

Salazar Kithe arrived with his mind in tatters. He was kept in a mental institution for 3 days before he murdered a nurse and escaped. His modus operandi seemed to identify itself immediatly. Every victim would have it's throat slit, it's blood drained, and the words "I am Salazar the hunter" carved into the chest.

Salazar evaded capture for over 200 years, until the day he murdered Queen Mary I in 356 A.S. Her body was discovered in her main dining room in the palace on planet New London. Her guests were also murdered. This was the first day the authorities managed to get a blood sample of Salazar, finding his blood on her face.

That night, the Knight's of the realm were formed. These people were tasked with dispatching the crown's worst and most dangerous enemies. These Knights have yet to be seen by any reliable sources, but various reports of Kusari officials mysteriously dissapearing have been linked with sightings of ship bearing a Knight's crest upon them, the same crest used by Price Henry IV, the son of Queen Mary I.

Salazar then dissapeared for many years, the only events from him being the kidnapping of hundreds of women from transport ships and liners, mysteriously re-appearing a year or so later, bearing tales of rape and forced pregnancy.

Current events

On the 14th of June (Salazar's birthday) 816 AS, a mysterious battleship appeared in the Leeds system, targeting and destroying 2 Destroyers before retreating again. A message from Salazar claimed responsibility. Salazar commands this Battleship, the Immortal Hunter, and uses it to commit various acts of destruction against the Bretonian nation.

He also uses drone fighters to attack fighters and transports in Bretonian space. Noone is sure where these drones come from, but they are modelled simalarly to the Outcast's Sabre type VHF. The Immortal Hunter was destroyed once by a task force led by the infamous Sir Stanley Nelson, however, a few short weeks later, a new Dreadnought appeared. Noone is quite sure how Salazar managed to build a battleship, but any information leading to this knowledge is gratefully recieved by the BAF.

Known acts of Terrorism commited by Salazar

-The Immortal Hunter attacks and destroys 2 Destroyers on patrol in the Leeds system.

-A sabre drone sporting Salazar's name attacks and destroys 7 BAF Templars.

-The Immortal Hunter attacks Leeds, and is destroyed in a crushing counter attack by the BAF.

-Salazar Kithe murders a school full of refugee children on Planet Harris, sparking public outrage.

-The Immortal Hunter Mark 2 appears, and destroys the HMS Stonehenge, a Dunkirk class battleship. Salazar murders all of the crew by shooting the escape pods, leaving only one pod alive, saying that they can tell the tales.

-Salazar is apprehended by the BPA on Planet Leeds, and is rescued by the Immortal Hunter appearing, disabling the planetary shield, and proceeding to fire an Antimatter shot in the atmosphere, destroying half of the city of Bradford. Estimated causualties are around 22 thousand deaths, and almost 160 thousand wounded.

-The Colony Ship Darwin goes missing, and a ransom demand appears. Salazar proceeds to move the refugees onto a Samura transport, and fly them past the Chief Commissioner of the BPA on patrol, who destroys the ship. Salazar publicicies the deaths as the fault of the BPA and BAF.

-Salazar's drone appears on a regular basis, attacking BAF patrols.

Peoples opinions

((IN RP. People are welcome to write here!))

On planet Leeds, near to the BAF headquarters, a memorial was erected, to remember those who died in the tragedy of the HMS Stonehenge and the atrocious act Salazar committed. Next to it is a pad where people can write their messages. Here they are written:

"Curse that monster. When he burns in eternal hell I shall laugh, for he is no human."

Members of the Bretonian Buccaneers are known to have lost family to the vicious attacks Salazar perpetrated against the people of Planet Leeds, with prominent members of the group's leadership having declared vendettas against the terrorist. BAF and Military Intelligence sources have solid recordings of Buccaneer ships engaged in combat with Salazar. Recordings taken during Salazar's last outing in Leeds:

"Show your face Kithe! I've got a message for you from the fallen of the Darwin!" -Unknown Buccaneer

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