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Sammarra Impression.jpg

Owner Contested
Location Unknown, Babylon Sector
Technical information
Population ~3 million
Docking Unknown
Terrain Desert
Diameter Unknown
Mass Unknown
Temperature -50°C to 50°C
Escape velocity Unknown

A desert planet located deep within the confines of the Babylon System, orbited by a sole moon, deeply resembling the Ancient Earth's own moon. The Planet itself is mostly barren, and it's only large bodies or water are two massive rivers, running from the Planet's south hemisphere, all the way up to the wastelands on the northern hemisphere of the planet, where they disappears in the sands and canyons.

Initially inhabited by an unknown sentient species, whose ruins still dot the planet, Samarra is currently inhabited by a large human population, who migrated there from Sirius, some 400 years ago. The planet's most notable settlements are located along the banks of the rivers, while some mining colonies and temples are located elsewhere on the surface. The last census, conducted roughly 50 years ago reveals that the settlements hold a population of around 3 million people, however, rumors speak of other uncounted settlements and nomadic populations that spam the wastelands of the planet, presumably formed by those who were either exiled or escaped the firm hand of the law over the years.

At first glance, the Samarran culture is faintly reminiscent of the ancient earth's arabic culture, even though this impression almost completely disappears after a further observation. At the head of the Samarran government is a figurehead only referred to as Prince who resides in the Temple of Unity, in the the center of the capital city Assyria. The other territories are ruled by the Overlords and Taskmasters, both rightful and self-proclaimed alike, often displaying low levels of co-operation towards higher authority and fancying to consider their settlements and mining colonies as sovereign territories.

The society of Samarra is divided into castes, and the highest of them all being the Priest and Noble castes, who control the lives of the others, and in contrast to those two being the Slave caste, who don't even have control over their own lives.

Notable Places

A few notable landmarks exist planet-side, definitely not to be missed by tourists, or rather, visitors for an indefinite period of time.

Assyria Megalopolis

Assyria Megalopolis at sunset, all districts visible and connected by the Temple of Unity in the middle..

The first settlement to be founded by the original settlers, Assyria grew into a sprawling megalopolis over time, and is known to hold the largest percent of the total Samarran population. It has expanded into a circular shape, divided into four districts, all connected in the center of the city, brought together by the Temple of Unity, a large white dome-shaped structure, which was erected to honor the memory of the unnamed founder of the Samarran religion.

Most of the city is considered safe, patrolled by the Warrior Caste and Temple Acolytes, except for District-C-West, where the law enforcement is corrupt and gang activity is on the rise, often leading to in-gang wars with both law enforcement and civilian casualties. The rest of the city is a rather peaceful but conservative place, ruled jointly by the the Grand Inquisitor and the Prince, and kept as a role model of the Samarran culture by both.

Black Gold Fortress

The Black Gold Fortress, as seen in sunset, with some craft flying over it..

Initially, the Fortress started out as a lonely oil rig deep in the wastelands, where the two rivers disappear in the ravines. Over time, being considered a holy location, the small mining settlement became a place of pilgrimage, and the location grew into a large fortress and became the first spaceport of Samarra, connected to the anti-gravitational space-hook. The Fortress changed many owners over time, the last one being Jared Nomak, who was exiled but then became the leader of the Samarran Raiders.

The population in the "main" part of the "fortress" is mainly composed of technicians, guards and merchants, while the workers and slaves are situated on the outskirts, sometimes joined by some Nomadic tribes, who would set up tents near the slave shacks, where they would either conduct trade or look for work before moving on. The total population of the Black Gold Fortress is something over 500000 people, without the temporary nomadic residents. Being the first and only spaceport of Samarra, the Fortress gets a large revenue from harboring and taxing the spacecraft passing through with water and minerals, and is considered to be the second richest settlement, right after Samarra's own capital, the Assyria Megalopolis, and the life style of the higher-caste residents certainly confirms that.

Cloister of Anu

The cloister of Anu started out as a small lookout tower, predating the forming of the Samarran Religion. It was originally owned by a powerful warlord, which, even after the masses united, refused to give up his standings and the life of crime. His forces were exterminated by the Temple Zealots, followed by his own execution on the top of his tower. Henceforth, the tower was converted into a monastery, and a final retreat for old members of the Zealot order and remained so until it was converted into a Library where all accumulated knowledge was stored.

The cloister is frequently visited by men in search of knowledge who are freely welcomed by the text over its entrance "Enter all who seek Knowledge", which suggests that everyone is welcome within the structure, but in truth, this is not the case. All lower class castes are not allowed within the structure, without an invitation, and it is said that a commoner hasn't entered the Cloister for 150 years.

Except for being a place where all knowledge is stored, the Cloister serves as a Headquarters for the Temple Zealot order, and it's long reigning Grand Zealot, the leader of the order, resides there.