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The purpose of this guide is to explain the many rules of the Official Discovery Freelancer 24/7 Server. All readers should remember, that rules are updated frequently and this page may be outdated. Please check on the official rules on our forum to be up to date.


The multiple rules on our server are there to enforce a stable and clean roleplay environment. All players, old and new, are responsible for their own actions and as such, must know these rules to offer the best player interaction. Not knowing the rules is not considered a valid excuse and any breach of these rules will result in harsh sanctions, which range from credit or equipment loss up to an IP ban.

Remember to regularly check up on the rules on the official server's forum.

General Terms & Conditions

The rules in this category do not specifically refer to ingame or forum related behavior. They are most often universal in their use and have a broad definition. As such, they are often used to describe specific actions, which cannot be covered by other server rules.

0.0 Be excellent to one another

One of the main rules both on the forum and ingame. The reminder of basic online etiquette, manners and usage of common sense. This rule may be used in times, when players harass others out of spite, usually, personal out of roleplay vendettas. Used in scenarios, when the actions of the offender harm another player, but are not specifically stated as malicious in the server rules.

1.1 Discovery Freelancer 24/7 RP (Discovery RP) is a ROLEPLAYING SERVER

One of the main rules regarding general gameplay on the server. Discovery remains a roleplay environment at all times and should be treated as such. Any out of roleplay text should only be used in Private Chat or Group Chat. For more information on this subject, please visit the Roleplay Tutorial.

1.2 Server administrators will impose sanctions on players for violating server rules and for any actions that harm server gameplay

Another generic rule used in situations, when the actions of the offender are not covered by a specific rule. This rule is usually invoked against acts of out of roleplay scams, ingame exploits and so forth.

1.3 Administrator obligations

1.4 Administrator rights

1.5 Possible sanctions for rule violations

1.6 Player who is violating a server rule can be warned in the game or on forums

Another generic rule. Depending on the severity of the rule broken, a player might be only warned about their actions by a server administrator. If the player recognizes their fault in the matter and changes their gameplay to reflect it, no sanctions will be involved. Giving a warning is not obligatory.

2. Cheating & Hacking

These rules cover the guidelines of using modified game files, third party programs or any other non-standard installation types including but not being limited to: Speed mods, modified weapons, money hacks, trainers and so forth.

2.1 Following actions are considered cheating on server

The rule lists all of the actions, which are considered to be cheating on the server. The violation of these rules in smaller cases result in deletion of the offending ships, however the default sanction is a permanent ban. Usage of third party programms such as Freelancer Explorer, FLCompanion and DataStorm, as long as they do not modify the users installation, are not considered as cheating.

2.2 Threats or attempts to hack server

This rule covers situations, where a player might either threaten to or genuinely cause stability issues to the server. Offenders are cut off from both server and forum access without pardon.

3. Rules of conduct

The following rules were implemented to regulate the ingame interaction between players. These rules regulate the usage of profanity, language, usage of out of character text, character naming and so forth.

3.1 Using coarse language

This rule is used to prevent players from posting out of roleplay insults and threats. The server has no age limitations, there are children playing the game and the use of such language around them is forbidden. Hiding insults behind asterisks (****) does not negate the rule. Slander is slander. The rule also covers sexist or racist jokes. A simple way to evade breaking this rule is not to risk the usage of profanity in general. In roleplay insults such as "Druggie" when referring to Outcasts or Cannibal when referring to Corsairs are allowed. Best is to simply not take risks.

3.2 All messages in system chat must be in understandable English

This rule is used to prevent players from using out of roleplay forms of communication such as smilies and emotions, chatspeek and so on. In specific cases, such as Nomad roleplay, players may be allowed the usage of special characters within reason, such as asterisks, parenthesis and so on. This rule also covers the usage of any non-english languages.

3.3 Out-of-character (OOC) chat must not be used in system or local chat

This rule is one of the most enforced and harsh ones. Discovery Freelancer is a roleplaying server. As such, all text written in system or local chat needs to be in roleplay. If the rule is broken, the player will be charged a specific amount of money per line of out of roleplay text. Admin characters exist out of roleplay and are not bound by this rule.

3.4 Threatening other players with reports and sanctions is not allowed

This rule is one of the most enforced and harsh ones. If another player is caught overstepping server rules, it is the player's choice if they want to report the actions to the admin team, depending on their severity. A player should never try to threaten the offender into behaving by telling them that they will be reported to the admin team. This is also referred to Posing as an Admin. It is not the player's job to pass judgement, they can only report it. It is also best if the player attempts to help the offender by explaining what they did wrong. If you, however, do not know if the player has really overstepped a server rule, best to keep quiet. If they have, then simply report them and let the admin team decide.