Skynet corporation

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This is an unofficial player group.

Origin Independent
Alignment Corporation
Date of founding 654 A.S.
Founder(s) K.Harris
Current leader(s) Kurt Harris
Base of operations unknown
Primary role
Keep orders
Secondary role
Destroy the enemies, Trading.

Skynet corporation - was one of biggest the companies who was creating Cyber Technology. Bio-weapons, Nuclear-weapons and more other. But main achievement was production robot machines with artificial intelligence. But we were destroyed, in an instant, on the radar all our bases began to disappear. And when we realized that we were attacked, all important personnel were evacuated. And later for a long time, I decided to head the corporation to regenerate and recover all the lost, and destroy the one who attacked us. No mercy for the enemy.


1. Our enemies are those factions who are against us.

2. We help those who help us.

3. We are not looking for enemies.

4. We live to survive.

5. We accept only loyalty people.

6. Fight to the last ounce of strength and never give up.

(Attention!!! Rules may change so every time come back and watch, is there some changes! Or may be added new rules.)

Military Ranks

Admiral - Kurt Harris (K.Harris) (President and constitutor of SKYNET.)

Air-Marshal -

Air-Commodore -

Flight-Lieutenant -

Flying-Officer -

Pilot-Officer -

Officer-Cadet -

Warrant-Officer -

Sergant -

Corporal -

Aircraft-Man -