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Section 1: What is TLAGSNET

Quite simply, by the grace of tax payers dollars, Police Pilots now have access to something called the Trade Lane And Gate Sensor Network or TLAGSNET for short. Now, for the purposes of TLAGSNET, a police pilot is a pilot that has a Police ID. Your Identify Friend Foe (IFF) is irrelevant to the usage of TLAGSNET.

TLAGSNET allows a Police Pilot to keep tabs on almost everything that's going on in his/her respective house. For the purposes of this manual, assume you're a Liberty Police INC. Employee. As an LPI Employee, you'll have access to TLAGSNET!

Section 2: How to use it?

You'll have access to the following command:

/net [all, jumponly, off]

/net all: This activates TLAGSNET to it's fullest degree! You'll have complete and real-time access to ALL Trade Lane, and Jump Gate usage. It provides information on both Trade Lane, and Jump Gate usage, throughout your operating area.

/net jumponly: This tells TLAGSNET that you only want information on Jump-gate Usage. This disables Trade Lane Monitoring. Essentially, this only monitors Jump Gate Usage, and not Trade Lane usage.

/net off: This turns off TLAGSNET. Self-explanatory.

Section 3: What features does it have?

Well, lets say the Liberty Navy calls you for help in tracking down a criminal. You can activate TLAGSNET and relay up to date information on the criminals movements. From when and even WHERE he/she used a Trade-lane. It even informs you of when and where the Criminal jumps to another system using a Jump Gate.

Now, another nifty feature of TLAGSNET is the RST. Or, Remote Scanning Tool.

The RST allows a Police Officer to scan another ship, without even having to be in the same system! Of course, the ship has to be within range of the TLAGSNET.

Just type /showscan [Name] and you'll be able to get a full reading on their cargo, weapons, armor, shields, basically everything.

You don't even need to be in the same system! It's an incredibly nifty tool, to help catch suspicious vessels in the act of smuggling, or to give your allies a report on what they're up against so they can properly prepare. You help minimize casualties by giving your allies up to the second intelligence!

If you notice, when you receive a Trade Lane Usage or Jump Gate Usage report, there is a number after their name. For example LPI-John.Brown[$108]. Instead of typing out the full callsign of a ship, you can instead do /showscan$ 108 to receive the same information. This saves time, and saving time saves lives!

Another important thing to note is that TLAGSNET will pick up cloaked ships using the Trade Lane and Jump Gate networks just as well as uncloaked ships.

Developer Note:

/showscan now has a shortcut command named /scan
/showscan$ now has a shortcut command named /scanid