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This template is for anything that has an icon, not just factions. Just type {{Icon|XXX}} to display the desired faction's symbol. Replace XXX with the faction name or code.

Available code

You can either use the "Name" or the "Code" to get a correct icon. Most should be pretty self-explanatory.

Name Code Symbol
Liberty Liberty Flag-liberty.png
Rheinland Rheinland Flag-rheinland.png
Bretonia Bretonia Flag-bretonia.png
Kusari Kusari Flag-kusari.png
Gallia Gallia Flag-gallia.png
Ageira Technologies Ageira AgeiraLogo.png
Rheinlands Arbeitergewerkschaft AGS AGS Logo.png
ALG Waste Disposal ALG Alglogo.png
Aoi Iseijin Aoi IseijinFactionLogo.png
A.D.M.I.N.S. Admins Awesome face.png
Blood Dragons BD DragonsLogo.png
Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing BMM BMM Logo.png
Borderworlds Border Bw fighter.png
Border World Exports Bowex Bowex Logo.png
Civilian Civilian Cv vheavy fighter.png
Colonial Republic CR CR Logo.png
Colonial Republic CRep CR Logo.png
Cryer Pharmaceuticals Cryer CryerLogo.png
Core Core Core Logo Final 3 pixel expand resize box.png
Corsairs CO Flag-corsairs.png
Council Council CouncilLogo.png
Daumann Daumann DaumannLogo.png
Deep Space Engineering DSE DseLogo.png
EFL Oil & Machinery EFL Efl-flag.png
Farmers Alliance FA FarmersLogo.png
Gallic Brigands GB BrigandsLogo.png
Golden Chrysanthemums GC ChrysanthemumLogo.png
Gaians Gaians GaiansLogo.png
Gateway Shipping Gateway Gateway.png
Gas Miners' Guild GMG GmgLogo.png
Gallic Metal Service GMS GMS Logo.png
Gallic Royal Navy GRN Flag-gallia.png
Gallic Royal Police GRP Flag-gallia.png
Hellfire Legion HF HFskull.png
Hogosha Hogosha HogoshaLogo.png
Interspace Commerce IC IC Logo.png
Ile-de-France Shipping IDF IDF Logo.png
Independent Miners' Guild IMG ImgLogo.png
Junkers Junkers Csv.png
Kishiro Technologies Kishiro KishiroLogo.png
Kruger Minerals Kruger KrugerLogo.png
Kusari State Police KSP KSPFlag.png
Kusari Naval Forces KNF Flag-kusari.png
LS LS SeparatistsLogo.png
Lane Hackers LH LH Logo.png
Liberty Rogues LR RoguesLogo.png
Landwirtrechtbewegung LWB LWBLogo.png
Mollys M MollysLogo.png
Maquis Maquis MaquisLogo.png
The Order Order Order Logo.png
Outcasts OC Flag-outcasts.png
Orbital Spa & Cruise OSC OscLogo.png
Pirates Pirates PirateLogo.png
Planetform Planetform Planetform3.jpg
The Phantom Empire Phantoms Shadow.png
Republican Republican RepublicanLogoInvert.png
Red Hessians RH Hessianlogo.png
ROS ROS ROS Logo.png
Samura Industries Samura SamuraLogo.png
Sirius Coalition SC CoalitionArms.png
Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army SCRA CoalitionFlag.png
Solar Engineering Solar Solarengineeringlogo.png
Synth Foods, Inc. Synth Synth Logo.png
Union Corse UC CorseLogo.png
Unioners Union UnionerLogo.png
Unlawful Unlawful PirateLogo.png
Universal Shipping Incorporated USI UniversalLogo.png
Temporary Autonomous Zoners TAZ TAZ Logo.png
TCL TCL CommonwealthFlag.png
Wild Wild Wild Glyph.png
Slomon K'Hara Nomads Flag-nomads3.png
Xenos Xenos XenosLogo.png
Zoners Zoners Zoners Logo.png