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  • This adds the Category:Reviews to the page. You can quickly find what other pages have a review.
  • It also formats the contained information to 60% page size. Justified text, and across the board consistency with reviews.


Info|Mod version}}

Review text|Mod version}}

Review text|4.87}}
If you need to use '=' anywhere in a variable (linking to your username on the forum, or a link to a forum topic discussing what you're reviewing, etc), you need to explicitly name the variable with a number instead of having it auto-named.
For example: {{Review|[[Bob]]| 2 = This is a review that links to [http://discoverygc.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=12345 a discussion on the forums] about the thing being reviewed.}}


Review (4.87)

Review text
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Review by Bob