The Aurigae Union

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The Aurigae Union
Aurigae Logo.png
Origin The M-37 Sector, Perseus Arm - Milky Way Galaxy
Alignment Neutral/Lawful
Date of founding 733 A.S.
Founder(s) A group of Aurigae Constructs

(ooRPly - John)

Current leader(s) Yriam
Base of operations None yet
Primary ID AI ID
IFF None
Tag(s) {A}-
Primary role
Seeking evolution. (Secondary goal must be completed first.)
Secondary role
Establishing their base in Sirius in order to remain here.
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Aurigae Logo.pngGeneral Overview

The Aurigae Union is a faction, or community, composed of constructs with a unique type of Artificial intelligence, that also resemble humans in appearance. As they have only recently arrived in Sirius, they are now trying to become a part of the large variety of life-forms that populate this stellar-cluster.

Aurigae Logo.pngLore


  • Chronological archives - extrapolation trough Sirian time-line.

Somewhere in the M-37 sector of the Perseus Arm within the Milky Way Galaxy - life sprung just as it did in many other sides of space. This small cluster of stars became a massive center of civilization as the Aurigans (a humanoid alien race) evolved and began to finally reach for the stars. In the year 307 A.S., the Aurigans reached yet another achievement, but unlike all others before. They created the first (in their history) artificially intelligent computer. The creation of this "thinking" machine, was not only a huge step in science, but it was the beginning of their grand legacy trough-out the universe. During the next 3 centuries, trough peace or war, there were always researchers who sought to develop the AI technology beyond what it was at the respective time, but in 626 A.S. - which later became known as "the Year of Birth" - the first fully autonomous individual-like AI was commissioned. This particular AI computer was not necessarily advanced because of it's hardware capabilities or operating possibilities, but because it's core was one based on the synaptic principles of any life-form's brain. This construct basically had the capability of thinking for itself, of having a personality and other such characteristics. Since the value of such an interesting "life-form" would have been wasted if left inside ship-UI boards and station systems, the creators of this machine decided to give it a body of its own, similar to that of the Aurigans. As this evolution of these AI continued, there were a few such constructs that decided they should find their own way, away from their creators. The builders of these machines were after all scientists, so they agreed to let them go.

The Aurigae-M
Thus, in the year 815 A.S., one capital-type vessel, tagged as the Aurigae-M, departed towards the unknown corners of space, having over a hundred such constructs on-board. In their voyage, these AI decided to form a society, as they observed their creators world and wanted to create something similar for themselves, soon becoming a real - yet small - organised community. Trough the deep, dark void, years passed without incident, though without any findings either until the Aurigae-M reached the borders of the Sirius Sector within the Orion Arm. Unfortunately, the ship's sudden approach to a star resulted in some system failures that the constructs were not ready for, so they abandoned the vessel to be torn apart by the star. Left without any means of proper transportation in an unknown environment, most of them decided to remain on the small craft they had and wait in an asteroid field, while an appointed team went forth to look for something that may help.

Their arrival point in Sirius was later revealed to be the system of Omicron-Eta, estimated on the 6th of April, 820 A.S.

Finding themselves in a foreign space, the few ones who were sent to retrieve information did not return for a whole week - but lastly, they came back with more than just information. They've surveyed the system as well as proceeded trough an anomaly into another one, where they found civilization. Unable to truly understand this newly discovered race, the Aurigae constructs took the necessary time to survey and scan trough all open-transmission frequencies and within a matter of days, they managed to form an understanding over the (now named) humans' language. Seeing they now had the means to communicate with the humans, a small group, lead by Yriam, went forth trough the Sigma-19 system and tried to make contact. This first encounter was an unfortunate one though, since the constructs' appearances frightened the humans. This was also a good thing though, since it brought the constructs' decision of changing their nanite shells and making themselves look more human.

  • And all that follows from here on is based on in-game/forum RP.

After further investigations, they managed to understand how the transportation structures such as the Trade Lanes and Jump Gates worked - and considering the worm-hole concept was well known, it wasn't hard. A long flight trough the pattern-like pathway of gates was more than enlightening, since they encountered planets and stations, almost all of them inhabited. Though Yriam tried to speak to them, the humans all kept to their business - and most were fooled by the human appearance of the constructs. Within the space of Kusari, they managed to have a chat with some Naval Forces Officials. This wasn't much, but it offered them information about the human way of life - or at least one side of it. Ending up in the Tau regions, Yriam and her friends discovered large deposits of Beryllium - a resource which stood as one of their primary needs - so now their next move was to find a way of starting their new home around that area, if possible.

The image of a construct's skeleton

Construct Details

  • M-37 Database Entry 1.4

An Aurigae construct is, mainly, composed of three parts:

  • The core - which represents the CPU of the construct and in fact, the actual AI. This is also the most unique part, for it's intriguing nano-linked pathways create synthetic synapses between different areas, allowing it to house within itself a fully-evolving personality.
  • The skeleton - which is a layer composed of multiple alloys (such as Beryllium and Aluminium) as well as Nano-capacitors, for durability, resistance and optimum responses, representing the body of the construct. Since their creators were humanoid in form, the constructs also present similar skeletal structure.
  • The shell - a thick layer of nanites (interconnected multi-purposed nanobots) which shapes itself accordingly to the necessity of the construct. It is more for aesthetic purposes, but it can also help regenerate the skeleton in case of damage.

It is unknown how did the constructs present themselves before arriving in Sirius, yet as soon as they came in contact with humans they have modified their nanites and thus their appearance to match that of the humans (more or less).

In simple, Sirian terms, the Aurigae constructs could be easily named "androids" or "humanoid AIs".

Aurigae Logo.pngStructure and Charts

Administration and Departments

The Aurigae Union was initially a community simply composed of life-forms that wished to live together. After arriving in Sirius though, they decided that some form of government should be installed, so that they can operate properly and establish in this new found home. Upon large deliberations (and considering that none of them would stand by while others work for the well-being of the community) they divided their numbers in two major branches - the Defense Cell, which would take care of the military and tactical (if required) operations; and the Research and Expansion Cell, which would administer the community and also operate to further develop this society

Ranking Structure

Defence Cell
  • Head of Security
  • -
  • Sentinel
  • "New-comer"
Research and Expansion Cell
  • Aurigae "Consul"
  • "Scholar"
  • Assistant
  • "New-comer"

The Head of Security (HS) and the Aurigae "Consul" - they are the leaders of the Union, each being appointed to one of the two branches. Still, depending on the situation, one of them will take full command - such as the Consul taking care of diplomatic/scientific matters while the HS would take care of military issues.

The "Scholar" - this is a rank given to those few constructs that decide to work only on sensitive research for the betterment of the Union. They are usually given special "rights" and may command others when the HS or Consul are not present.

The Sentinel and the Assistant - such constructs are the main body of the Union. They represent the majority and they are appointed to mostly any or all duties, in one of the two branches.

The "New-comer" - a metaphorical term used by the Aurigae Union for those whom have just been built and joined the community. These ones have yet to learn and choose their path in this universe.

Operations and Goals

After the arrival in Sirius, the Union's first decision was to establish a base of operations, from which it can proceed with expanding and communicating with the humans. For the moment, most constructs are working on their daily duties (such as exploration/scanning, resource study or security patrols) while a few have been appointed for discussing with humans - in the view of a future "co-habitation".

Diplomacy and Protocols

Given both the nature of the Union and it's short time in Sirius so far - the diplomatic status towards the Sirius factions is one of neutrality. Still, a more elaborate view is as follows:

Faction Relationship
All encountered so far

In accordance with the above, Aurigae constructs will act as follows:

  • Viewing entities tagged as Allied or Friendly - assist and give aid whenever possible, no matter if the instance is of military or non-military nature. If two opposed parties require aid at the same time and against the other, it is better to stand aside and let the humans resolve their issues alone.
  • Towards entities tagged as neutral or any not yet encountered entities - maintain a diplomatic protocol and attempt to create good relations, but not without reaching a mutual trust.
  • Regarding entities tagged as Unfriendly or Hostile - present a self-defense protocol; thus, even enemies will not be engaged unless Aurigae constructs or friendly parties are in danger.

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