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The Commonwealth
Origin Tau's
Affiliation Zoners
Alignment Independent
Recruitment Recruitment Secure Channels
Date of founding 820 A.S A.S.
Founder(s) Robert Carol d'Autoine
Current leader(s) Robert Carol d'Autoine
Base of operations unknown
Primary ID Zoner ID
IFF Zoners
Tag(s) CW|

Who the Commonwealth Are

The Commonwealth was originally a shallow group of close friends and possible family members, all having their roots in either the arts of commerce or the zoner tradition. These individuals have thought that it would be better to assist one another believing that economical prosperity could be achieved more easier through numbers and not individuality.

A fraction of these members where Gauls, which, after the Gallic liberation of the Taus, have moved there seeking opportunity by collaborating with the IMG and exploiting the rich Niobium Fields. This choice however, brought them closer to the zoners and, once they saw zoner politics in administration and economy they have decided to adopt it thinking that this would further their goals.

That being said, the idea of a Commonwealth raised interest among the zoner community which these group of individuals got assimilated in. In time, more members joined the group wishing to adopt this , at first glance, magnificent idea. However, assimilation in the zoner community among Tau-37 proved to be a hinder in the Commonwealth’s goals. It was later found out, that the relations between the glorious house of Gallia and the general Zoner community became rather tense. Combined with the zoner reputation of pursuing agreements and treatments with all kinds of organizations , from the honest to the infamous, without giving particular attention to their bio made the group to rethink its plans and goals.

A decision was made, that decision allowed the Commonwealth to make itself known to the public announcing everyone about the potential it may have. Still assimilated in the zoner community, the Commonwealth is bound to follow the TRUE zoner traditions.

Moreover, the association is looking to untie itself from the same reputation the zoner community adopted over time, looking to increase its relations with Gallia. A goal which is seen both as economical and patriotic as Gallia boasts a number of trading hubs and an overall good economic value and moreover, a number of Commonwealth members are of Gaul origins and some of them, are not keen on the idea of completely separating themselves from the nation which gave them birth.

This conglomeration decided to settle on the Freeport of Tau-37, from where it can administrate its branches and follow its goals. However, the Commonwealth lays no military claim to the system as their goal is the pursue of influence and power through economical and scientifically might. Any military claims is considered to bring a stain among their reputation and relations with other parties and would be the catalyst of armed conflicts, conflicts which the Commonwealth wishes to avoid at all cost as they consider it useless sacrifice of human life and a drawback in its administration.

Overtime, the Commonwealth took its politics of association and common assistance between its members to a slightly radical level resulting in a somewhat closed society where its members seek prosperity, power and influence with little to no regard for the “Outsiders” ,similar to Masonic societies on sol. In conclusion, The Commonwealth gives little to no importance to certain moralities. It pursues the path of accomplishing its own interests and ensuring its own survivability through persuasion and diplomacy sharing little to no compassion to the situation outside their association.

Because of their specialization on economy, diplomacy and research, the Commonwealth has no interest in competing in military might with other parties, contrary to other zoner groups’ ideology. Because of this, the Commonwealth developed a shipline with an affinity for research, transport and reconnaissance ships. In the Commonwealth’s ideology, the development of Nephilim fleets or other Capital Vessel Fleets is deemed as a flawed tactic which uselessly wastes resources on pursuing the development of military might, a transgression to the true Zoner Tradition and the Commonwealth’s ideology and thus, the use of Nephilims and other costly and enormous “leviathans” have been completely scrapped. If the need of self the defence ever rises, the Commonwealth would rely on its diplomatic abilities to convince other parties to wage war for their cause or to simply seek a snake hole which would lead them out of the conflict. Should their skills ever betray them, the Commonwealth would use its financial resources to develop a mercenary branch which would protect its interests. The Commonwealth is witness to the struggles of Sirius, maladies, crisis, armed conflicts, the nomad threat, all of this has influenced the Commonwealth into developing a research branch.

To develop it, the Commonwealth managed to hire and fund a number of scientists, though as this branch is recent, it still requires development, something which the group will certainly look into.

As knowledge concerning the nomads were passed down from zoner to zoner, combined with the close distance to Omicron Alpha and the increased presence of Nomads in the Taus, the Commonwealth came to know about them as well, thought their knowledge is not as rich as the Zoner Communities in the Omicrons. Still, the Commonwealth recognizes the nomad threat as well as the potential of Nomad Adapted Technology. While it understands the fact that the Nomads have the power to destroy humanity, the Commonwealth doesn’t actively support resistance against them as according to their ideology, they are allowing other parties to deal with them. Still, this conglomeration will take use of any opportunity to acquire any data or research chances concerning the nomads in order to further their goals.

Though that is not the only purpose of the Research Division. It also occupies with the study of alien micro organisms and the development of new resources that would aid their cause.

In conclusion, the Commonwealth has developed itself to become a conglomeration of zoners all struggling to achieve influence and power through diplomacy under one single banner while dragging its roots from the Zoner tradition and Gaul mercantilism and ultimately developing its own ideology and tradition.

After establishing contact for a series of times with the other zoner communities, the Commonwealth learned of the Confederation of Freeports. Being part of this Confederation would give the Commonwealth a backbone as well as influence in dealing with other parties especially zoner associations and such, after careful deliberation it has been decided that it will be in Commonwealth's interests to join the Confederation.

A petition was made and it was sent to the Confederation, this same petition was reinitialized at the First Zoner Summit which took place in Baffin.

At the same Zoner Summit, the Commonwealth struck a deal with the Administrator of Freeport 10, this deal would allow the Commonwealth to base itself from the Freeport 10 and the Administrator would join the association.


   -Improve Relations with Gallia
   -Conduct Research on Nomad Entities
   -Develop its influence by assessing key diplomatic treaties and agreements
   -Gain access to as many tradehubs as possible
   -Research new innovations for the benefit of humanity to be shared at a great price for the sake of its own interest
   -Develop its Research Branch

Ranking System

In order to secure an efficient administration of the Commonwealth, a hierarchical system had to be implemented. The current hierarchical system has been divided into two branches, the Commerce and the Research Branch each having a Head, an administrator which secures the efficiency and well being of its respective branch. The overall leadership and administration of the Commonwealth is organized by the council which is divided into the Head of Council, which practically is the first in command and the person which has the last word in any operation or action concerning the Commonwealth, and the Council Members which are actually the Heads of the respective Branches. Following after, there are the normal members of the brances and the initiates, newcomers inside the society of the Commonwealth.

Name Conventions

Name Conventions:

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