The Laws of Rheinland

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Rule #1: RM Authority is LAW.

If a member of the Rheinland Military asks you to stop, you stop. If they say "Hold for cargo scan and ID verification," hold position and wait for them to say you can go. If they ask "What is your business in Rheinland?", replying "None 'o yo' bees-wax!" is not appropriate and will probably get you shot. Silence will be taken as hostile. Just do what the nice man/woman in the Rheinland Ship O' Hurt says, and they won't be forced to open up that can-o'-whup@$$ on you.

Rule #2: If the NPC's think it's illegal, so do we.

That means artifacts, cardamine, Synthetic Marijuana, Slaves, Counterfeit Software and any Naval, Police, Civilian, or Freelancer pilots. You can keep the pirates. Please, keep the pirates. Sell 'em where you wish. You're doing good just by shooting the d*mn b*stards.

Rule #3: Piracy will not be tolerated.

If you are a pirate, or even claim to be a pirate, we will shoot you down. Don't joke about that kind of stuff, because we won't know the difference.

For piracy: A Zero-Tolerance policy concerning pirates has been enacted. You will be shot on sight.

Rule #4: Ship Class Restrictions in Rheinland

  • All Battleship class vessels other then official [RM] tagged ships are BANNED from Rheinland, unless with permission from an Admiral, other then that there are no exceptions.
  • All Cruiser class vessels are to keep a 10k distance from any Rheinland based Planet.
  • Gunboats, Bombers, and Fighters have permission to stay within Rheinland based planet orbits, but are to move if asked.

Rule #5: Independent Military are Restricted!

  • No pilot other then [RM] official are to enforce our laws.
  • All Rheinland Ship and IDed pilots are to give a full background on how they acquired their ships. (And we don't buy bogus stories)
  • [RM] have command over any independent pilot, Military or not. We don't care for what class vessel you're flying.

Note that we won't force any independent pilot into a fight, as they are not one of our own, they have their own choice.

Smuggling Penalties

  • First offence: 8 million credit fine, you will be asked to drop your cargo, and cargo will be destroyed (barring pilots or slaves).
  • Second offence: Shot on sight.

'If you do not comply at any stage, you will be shot on sight.'