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This faction has been removed from 4.87 version of Discovery.

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This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see The Phantom Empire.

The Phantom Empire
Affiliation The Phantom Empire
Alignment Hostile
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) Revenant Dark Star
Current leader(s) Revenant Dark Star
Base of operations Temple of the Revenant, Omicron-82
Primary role
Destruction of the Houses


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File note: "This file is designed to give an overview of the Crathygtan’s minions in the Sirius Sector some 1000 years ago at the Crathygtan’s height. This document will cover as much of the Phantoms as we are able to from various documents that survive and also form expert testimony logged within the cortex over the last 600 years.

In order for us to explore more about the Phantoms we must first know more of their enigmatic masters. Information on the Crathygtan is scarce these days, but xenoarcheologists have found interesting data over the last few centuries. With this we shall attempt to build as complete a picture as we can.

At the height of the Crathygtan’s power, they were not the only Involved race floating amongst the stars. Whilst their intergalactic empire was vast it was bordered by another empire, equally vast and with as much power as the Crathygtan themselves.

The Phantoms were a minion peoples. Co-opted to the employ of the Crathygtan with promises of power and wealth, these humans were soon corrupted to become something else entirely. Still human, but no longer guided by the same moral compass as the normal human populace..

Now without further ado let’s continue this."

The Crathygtan

Fig 1: Seguin servitor species celebrating C'Tan Festival of Night

The Crathygtan, henceforth shortened to C’Tan, were an intergalactic civilisation spanning some three galaxies. Whilst not claiming total ownership of all of them they had myriad subordinate races underpinning the entire society, without these races the C’Tan would have fallen to outside agencies long before the human race discovered Sirius. A cold and savage race they inspired terror in most who encountered them, only the Da’am Kavosh were able to stand up to them. The two were bitter enemies until they both disappeared. Neither was able to get an upper hand in the vast wars that raged between the two and many smaller races perished entirely as a result of this ongoing conflict. However the Da’am Kavosh had secrets hidden throughout their territory. Including the race humans refer to as Nomads, but xenoists refer to as Slomon K’Hara. This minor race would play an important part in human history after the wars that ravaged the third planet of the Sol system

The depredations of the C’Tan are near legendary now, and some believe most of the tales to be myth, but tales we know to be true, including the conditioning of subject races to be equally as vicious and brutal, if they were not already. The only time such conditioning was used on a case by case basis within a subject race, was with the Phantoms. Human tendency to vary wildly amongst itself led to many Phantoms not requiring the conditioning and many being accepted on the strength of the brutality already displayed in normal life.

Sunset on Hrath homeworld, Hastius Prime

The C’Tan were not a trusting race, ensuring dominion over the subjects through their Enlightenment program. Enlightenment being no more than a byword for brainwashing. The C’Tan used this method liberally during their reign. One such subject race gathered only in part, even with the full might of the C’Tan behind them, was mankind. Through all their dealings and invasions through out Mankind’s tenure in Sirius, the C’Tan were never able to gain more than a foothold. Mankind’s greatest weakness was also it’s strength against the C’Tan, no other race was as fragmented as Mankind and yet still able to pull together when times grew desperate. Even when the C’Tan were poised to strike a death blow to Mankind’s resistance, man came back stronger and more forceful than ever.

The Phantoms

Fig 3: Standard C'Tan issue powered armour

The Phantoms were by and large a group of terrorists in Sirius, it was their intent to wage the initial war with Mankind and open them up first for the Enlightenment process. This was considered a failure by the C’Tan but an unavoidable one, Both C’Tan and Phantom planning failed to take into account the tenacity of Mankind and before a second push could be mobilised other events transpired which moved the C’Tan’s focus.

Phantoms, whilst human, did have a few benefits of the C’Tan. For the occasional foray onto a planet all Phantoms were issued with standard powered armour, far in excess of technology then in use by the Houses. This armour was made out of standard materials used in ship hull construction and used servos to allow the user to move around with almost as much articulation as without the armour.

Fig 4:Initial impact of Phantom Ember on Planet Cambridge

Standard operating procedure for the Phantoms was that of the Hunt, hunting high profile targets in an attempt to kill them and destroy their vessels, it is unknown the amount of people killed and butchered in this fashion. One of their greatest works of terror, their most unspeakable act, was the MOX bombing of Planet Cambridge. A single Talarca cruiser entered the atmosphere of the planet and crashed into one of Cambridge’s cities, destroying it and irradiating fully half of the planet. The death toll was in millions and the memorial to those who died stands as a testament to the cold brutality of the C’Tan’s human servitors.

The first Phantom, that is the man who would become Revenant, Julius Kane was originally one of the LSF’s black ops specialists, gathering information on trade routes and other houses for the benefit of Liberty, however with this information Julius defected. Taking a small group of pirates Julius Kane went about waylaying the trade routes he had discovered in doing so, he drew the attention of the C’Tan. After the Enlightenment process he would become known throughout Sirius as Revenant DarkStar

DarkStar’s first order of business was to obtain new fuel for the C’Tan, More souls to carry on the C’Tan crusade, his first recruit into this shadowy cabal, was the one known as Virus. Virus served the C’Tan until his death, never wavering from the path chosen for him by his Revenant, eventually rising to the second tier of the Phantoms and the position of Eidolon. Virus was followed shortly by Onyx and Glock, both of whom’s dedication to the Phantom cause, over the many years of butchery and madness, earned them promotion to the second tier and the positions of Wraith and Specter respectively. Other notable Phantoms included The Nameless, Blood Frenzy, Corruptor and Desecrator, Desecrator specifically known for his terrorism of the Sigma 13 system in the latter half of 816as.

Fig 5:Malta as seen from Omicron 82 jumphole

Phantoms initially took shelter in the Xeno home system of Tau-45 with the blessing of the Xenos themselves, this lent much needed support to the Xeno cause and allowed time for the completion of the Temple of The Revenant, closer to Outcast space and Omicron Alpha, specifically in Omicron 82, known to belong solely to the Phantoms. Rumours persisted of a second Temple, although such rumours remained unfounded at that time.

Phantoms could be readily identified by their Phantom IFF and identification. Although such was their surprising abilities that very often the only warning of an imminent attack was a mad cackling laughter, or prayer to their dark masters. However if a Phantom wished to cause fear rather than mere wanton butchery, comms traffic would be littered with dark mutterings and macabre oaths.

Phantoms were known to pick their fights wisely and never more carefully than with their diplomacies, engineering a subtle web of contacts and information that would ensure they remained on at least speaking terms with most pirate factions in Sirius, all save the Gaians of course. Regardless of the Phantoms reputation as feared and brutal killers the Gaians could not let the bombing of Cambridge stand. Thusly the Gains remained distinctly unfriendly although never outright hostile to the Phantoms. Gaian bases were out of bounds. Phantom relations to the Houses and to the various corporations though was always hostility and outright war

The Phantom web of diplomacies can be summed up thus:

War: All Houses Hostile: All Corporations Unfriendly: Gaians Neutral: All Pirates not mentioned below Friendly: Outcasts Allied: None

Never able to press a full scale offensive, however, Phantom tactics were very much akin to guerrilla fighters in the many wars of ancient Earth. Striking from unlikely places and running before back-up or help could arrive. Survivors or witnesses to Phantom attacks always made reference to the sadistic delight which the Phantoms took in every kill and every victory.

Fig 6:Phantom surveying her spoils of victory

The Phantoms never seemed to take in those that sought them out, but rather seemed to pick and choose new acolytes. How these dubiously lucky people were chosen was never confirmed, but it did seem that the Phantoms as a whole contributed to the process.

Known Phantoms: Circa 817AS

Revenant DarkStar (Kane)

Phantom leader and overseer for the Sirius sector, his Outcast destroyer was fully automated using C’Tan technology and it was believed the only living creatures aboard the vessel, besides DarkStar himself, were his kitties. DarkStar was chiefly responsible for planning the Phantoms attacks on Sirius, constantly searching for the weak link in Humanity’s chain.

Eidolon Virus (Virus)

Commands the Hellbound one of two Phantom Osirises, this was the more often seen one, being used to stage attacks by many other Phantoms. Virus himself was in charge of maintaining technological functions of the Phantoms. He proved himself to be a Phantom of great vision and was able to make the most out of the powered armour gifted by the C’Tan.

Wraith Onyx (Caylith)

Onyx was one of the few Phantoms who made use of the Sabre assault fighter. Particularly deadly, Onyx was known for her sweet outward demeanour and vile depredations. Onyx’s other vessel was known only by its callsign, that of Soulwound. Onyx was chiefly responsible for overseeing the lesser Reapers.

Specter Glock (Fellow Hoodlum)

Although Glock was known to use the other Phantom Osiris (Vulcan), and it’s secondary Destroyer (Savage). Both fully automated owing to Glock’s rather vicious temperament Glock was more commonly seen in either his Raven Claw or Falcata Bomber. Glock was specifically responsible for Phantom propaganda and communications.

Reaper Roy (Majkp)

Roy is an enigma amongst the Phantoms, one of the few willing volunteers; his sole reason for joining the Phantoms was to continue to see his one true love, the Phantom known only as Dark Blossom. Rarely seen, his vile acts far outshined his fairly plain demeanour. He was most commonly seen in a Raven Claw assault fighter.

Reaper Pitchfork (Baconsoda)

A troubled girl from Kusari who was driven to insanity from the paradox that was her culture. Pitchfork was originally a member of the Farmer’s Alliance and this connection enabled her additional benefits. Given over to flying her Praetorian, a gift from the Farmers Alliance

Reaper Moros (Sin)

A skilled Bretonian Freelancer, who embraced the option of helping his fellow man to their demise, Moros was a skilled pilot and deadly aim, his taste for destruction only matched by the C’Tan’s need for dominion. Flew an Eagle very heavy fighter.

Reaper Syn (Reverend Del)

Syn was a product of severe mental trauma, only too willing to join and embrace the Phantom way, one of the only Phantoms who needed no conditioning whatsoever. Syn’s crimes were numerous and brutal before the Phantoms embraced him, they became even more so after. Syn flew either his Raven Claw assault fighter, or his Falcata bomber, the Fleshrender.

The Seven Sister’s (Reverend Del)

The crew of the Banshee’s Wail were distinctly disturbed, rumours abound as to the inclinations and intentions of the crew toward one another, but none could deny their faith in the C’Tan. The eldest sister and four of her siblings were heard to speak in sibilant whispers. Known to have flown a Rogue GB.

Reaper Overload (Kane)

Overload was drawn from the ranks of the Lane Hackers, trading in his computer console for special neural implants and serving as a field agent for information gathering and warfare for the Phantoms.

Reaper DarkBlossom (Virus)

Flew both a Sabre and Raven Claw. After rescuing Roy Batty, a foolish Hunter who fell madly in love with her, she was declared an enemy to the Outcasts and eventually decided to marry Roy. Blossom is one of the few Phantoms who is married.

Reaper Black Rose (Zapp)

A former Corsair driven insane by an encounter that nearly wiped the Battleship Fes off the map. She felt a need to spread the pain she had been sadistically forced to witness, and it was remarked that she had a certain affinity for doing so. Flew a Raven Claw assault fighter

Reaper NightSmoke (Zelot)

Nightsmoke was drawn from the Kusari Corperate system to make war upon it. His intimate knowlage of trade routes and company operations allowed him to strike without warning, and sadistically wipe out his opposition with a demented laugh being the last think they heard. Nightsmoke was reported as having flown both the Kusari Catamaran and the Raven Claw.

Reaper Shock (Hribek)

Once a Lane Hacker named Louis Frozen (callsign Looter), he left and went out to explore the frontier with his family, he was badly electrocuted during a jump failure to Omicron-80 and retrieved by the Phantoms. His brain wasn't fried completely, so he returned back to House space to return the favour. Known to fly a Raven Claw as his previous ship was inoperative

Reaper Defiler (Virus)

Virus flew a Falcata and commanded the Defiler. An ex-member of the Outcast Military, he commanded the MNS Pandemonium, an Outcast Destroyer. With an extensive kill-record and skill as both capital ship commander and bomber pilot, he was made a prime target for Phantom recruiters.

Known Phantom Ship Types: Circa 817AS

Most Phantoms of Reaper rank were known to fly the Raven Claw assault fighter, Sabre very heavy fighter, or the Falcata bomber, however a few notable examples did exist, Pitchfork’s Praetorian and Moros’s Eagle

Capital class vessels included only three vessels, the Osiris Battleship, the Outcast Destroyer and the Rogue gunboat.

Weapons used were mostly limited to the Outcast weapons, although periodic uses of the Xeno and codename weaponry were seen on certain vessels. as well as heavily restricted use of Corsair weaponry for Reapers known to the Corsairs.

File Update: Recent intelligence agencies have reported The Phantoms as having flown never before seen ships. Currently known ships are the newly developed:

  • Shadow - It has been revealed this was the ship design that the LSF's prototype-failure "Raven Claw" was based upon.
  • Penumbra - This terrible ship was the basis for the also failed experimental Lane Hacker Slipstream.
  • Umbrage - The original ship, whose design the Corsair/Order's failed prototype was based on, still continues to reveal itself to Sirius and strike fear into those who are found by her.