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Origin UK
Occupation Student in Scripting, Coding and all that jargon.
Gender Male
Affiliation Do what you want because a Brigand is free. You are a Brigand.
Born 11, July 2000

My name is Laz and I enjoy playing Freelancer very much. This game is one of the first games I ever played and I haven't really stopped playing it since 2007. I joined Discovery in about 2010 I think but really started on the forums and such in 2014. I am not the brightest spark and have done my fair share of stupid shit but I try to atone for my mistakes.

Note: Due to Skorak's abuse I am officially a 'Cardamine Victim'. (was)

Server Factions


  • K'Hara|
  • "A"-
  • FB|


  • [Cryer]

Inactive or Destroyed

  • BD|
  • [Angels]
  • ~*~
  • [BG]
  • T&T
  • Dawson Rouges - Shelved
  • Wilde.
  • Core|
  • PRIME|
  • Canaan|

Server Characters


  • 'Gamma' - Prime AI
  • Agent Leere - Infected Character (Where the name Laz comes from.)
  • David Shepard - Head of The Blackguards Logistics Division


  • Adrianna Hawthorn - One of the Hawthorn Twins
  • Cameron Drake - Guardian Angel ("A")
  • David Owen - Doctor of the Braillian Research & Develop Group ("A")

Inactive Characters

  • Sasha Parks - Zoner with Unique Views
  • Ajax Kastor - Canaan Researcher
  • Jake West - LPI Officer
  • Aurelia Kiku - ~*~
  • 'Drake' - Dawson Rouge
  • K'Hara|Nabu - 'Sometimes' Friendly Nomad
  • [Angels]Laz - Do people love me yet?
  • Jack Greaves - The Best Solar Runner ;)
  • Jack Marston - Core HC (APM) (Did not realise the name was from a game when character was created :P)

More In Depth Information

  • later.


On 1/7/2016 I was indefinitely banned for several acts of harm to the server. This was what I consider a momentary lapse in judgement and something I have tried to atone for greatly. Unbanned on 22-05-2017.