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Origin Sirius
Affiliation Freelancer
Born No idea
Died Still alive
Captain Izii Helfari - ZGS|Litany.of.the.Malus & ZGS|Broken.Hammer Zoners Guard Captain, Omicrons Division
Simo Simo Häyhä - White.Death Roaming Bounty Hunter
Quitisorai Kabosonai - Muramasa's.Edge Raging Blood Dragons Guard, Defender against Aoi Iseijin
Brian Hunter & Basil Gassner - Hunter-Gassner Raging liberal Liberty trade captain, Hunter/Co-Pilot Gassner former Bretonian Royal Guard
Zoners Guard A.I. Calypso - Adjutant|Calypso Izii Helfari's pet project, making an A.I. with a "personality processor". Barely works.
Jester - [Jester] Order Guard, Research & Development, constantly angry special forces pilot.
John Rygaard - Rygaard|Excavator-1 Tough as nails Independent Miners Guild Hegemon, likes Golden Crysanthemums, for obvious reasons.
Deadpool Inventor, researcher, Lane Hacker. Cares little for anyone who trespasses in Vespucci.
Professor Ribald - The.Blue.Mirage Self-Employed researcher and explorer, studies the Wilde and Nomads. Might be infested, who knows. Whackjob.

OORP Stuff

This dastardly do-gooder has a long streak of roleplay and consistency! How does he have the time to make reviews on ships he enjoys? How does he do it? Lots of tea and a crumpet now and then! That's how!

In all seriousness, been a player on Freelancer since '08 and love it, the Discovery 4.85 mod is a blast, best mod I've seen for a game, ever. It's been fun and still is fun playing whatever cool ship and characters I can. So, get out there and enjoy the game, and stop using the Disco Wiki to find all those secrets out! I never even knew of this darned wiki until '09. Shows how smart I am, but don't miss out on the fun of discovering new systems and blundering into Nomad stations where you never knew they were.

I know my Wiki-usage is sloppy, I just can't be bothered to correct a dozen lines of text!

Oh, and the Nomad in my gut tells me that you need to get assimilated! We're in agreement on that. Discovery FL, play it.