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SmokesDen aka Smokes
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Unknown
Gender Unknown
Height 1.74 meters (5 foot 11)
Weight 230 LBs (110KG)
Affiliation Gamer and assistant Carer
Status Human and Single
Born 30/12/1998

Character Playing with Database included

Main: Mr Robert Vaugrenard

Sub Main: Miss Klara Kesselman

Alt Mr Rolane "Rolie" Mcfadden

Alt Mr Jarden "Eric" Gubson

Alt Mr Daverson Romeia


Miss Tiffany Brockhouse

Contract file

If want to contract me Please use the following names on links

Discovery Freelancer Fourm: SmokesDen - Active

Discord: Smoki#8189 - Active

Skype: Smoki.Wolf - Quite Active

Email - Inactive

Other stuff


I love my Friends like their family. No matter how much things gets between me and my friends, I will always be there for them when they need someone to talk to, or play with. If I get the time I need to play, I will use it for them till I any of us had to go and do things in reality where life is where its most.

Classic Quote of all times: I am happy for everyone of you. I may be happy in joy, but I'm surely not cause I'm seeing all my friends growing up at a rapid rate.