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I'm pretty much out of Disco now, been playing Global Agenda (same name, look me up). Once 4.86 comes around I'll probably do wiki things because all the scripts are still set up, but don't expect me ingame. It's possible, but unlikely.

~cshake (talk) (sysop) 00:08, 28 July 2011 (UTC)


Forum name: cshake

I'm just a Discovery-playing grad student that likes to code on the side, and I want to help updating the pages here.

Now I'm a sysop (moderator) here, so ask me if you've got problems with anything on the wiki.


My TODO page


My wiki content generator

Data is parsed from the latest inis, and will provide nearly copy+paste output to update pages with. Please do a quick look-over of the data, add text links manually, and don't remove any existing extra comments if you use it. It may change often, if it looks weird or has ugly looking output, I'm probably working on it while you're using it. Leave me a message on my talk page if you're unsure if it's producing something usable.

24/7 Server Characters

Old.Frank likes donations if you think I've done something good on the wiki :)

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