Bretonia Armed Forces (player faction)

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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Bretonia Armed Forces

Bretonian Armed Forces
BAF Logo.png
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Affiliation Bretonian Armed Forces
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding 334 A.S.
Founder(s) King George I
Current leader(s) Fleet Admiral Michelle O'Brian
Base of operations Battleship Harlow, Salisbury
Primary role
Protecting the Queen
Secondary role
Defending the Kingdom of Bretonia and its ways
"Carina, Regina, Imperatrix!"


The Bretonian Armed Forces have long been commanded by the admirals of the Admiralty Board, a group currently comprised of the three admirals of the planetary fleets of Cambridge, New London, and Leeds, and the eight admirals of the great fleets, who currently each command their regions from the decks of the great Dunkirks, the Essex, the Suffolk, the Norfolk, the York, the Derby, the Macduff, the Grimsby, and the Ark Royal.

The group formerly met under the purview of the Monarch, who maintained a full third of the vote as well as veto power, on the Battleship Harlow.

This relationship has been recently upended. As a consequence of the recent troubles with the Populist Party, the Royalist Prime Minister Worthington, fearing a revolution on his hands, realized that superficial concessions to the Populists were needed, and he has appointed a new Minister of Defence, Royalist James Ralston.

The New Minister of Defense, in turn, resurrected the ancient rank of Fleet Admiral, and promoted Percy Nelles to that position. Fleet Admiral Nelles had a conservative reputation, and was assumed therefore to be safely Royalist. Secretly, however, he harboured admiration for the courage of the Populists and Federalists, and was loathe to add further to their persecution.

In June 817 A.S., following the loss of his arm at the Battle of Stokes and under pressure from the new government of Prime Minister George Mountbatten to make way for a younger candidate, Fleet Admiral Percy Nelles decided to step down from his position and was replaced by Fleet Admiral Sir Stanley Nelson, previously Admiral of the Suffolk Great Fleet. He is faced with the daunting task of halting the Kusari advance towards Planet Leeds and recovering from recent setbacks to bring the full weight of the BAF to bear against the exposed Kusari positions.

The Fleet Admiral now has replaced the Monarch's position on the Admiralty Board, and therefore now enjoys the voting and veto privileges previously enjoyed by the Monarch.

Support and Supplies, and Trading Restrictions

Since its formation in the year 310, the Bowex shipping corporation has almost exclusively funded the BMM construction of BAF warships, and the nationalisation of these two companies has historically increased the prosperity of the Bretonian public in comparison to the other Houses by reducing the strain placed on the public in the form of defence taxes.

For spectacularly obvious reasons, there is a ban against any commodities transferred to/from Kusari as well as a ban on any military-related commodities being taken through the Tau systems. Violators of this embargo shall simply drop their cargo, or be destroyed.

Position of the Queen

Preceding Carina I's rule, the monarch had long been an impartial observer of the Admiralty Board proceedings, maintaining a small defense force in Salisbury and providing the Battleship Harlow as neutral grounds for the politics of the Board. Queen Carina for a time enlarged the Monarch's martial power, beginning with a general increase in the exercise of the veto, using her influence in the legislature, and exercising direct command authority over Her personal Guard, the Royal Fleet. In time, Queen Carina's Royal Fleet surpassed in strength any other Bretonian Armed Forces Military unit.

Bretonian Politics then took a turn for the worse, at least in the assessment of the Royalists, who, acting in concert with the Crown, reacted to the demands of the Populists harshly, effectively banning that party, and in doing so radicalizing the Populist movement, the core membership of which became the Federalists.

To every action there is a reaction, and the angry response of the public, fuelled by Federalist propoganda, surprised the Royalists. Fearing a revolution at hand, the Royalists developed a propoganda narrative designed to assauge the people's anger, and neutralize the threat represented by the Federalists.

In the Royalist narrative presented to the public, there was a grudging recognition that yes, the Queen had overplayed her hand, and that the personal power of the Monarch had to be curbed. The creation of the position of Fleet Admiral was designed to grant the illusion that the Minister of Defense, and through him Parliament, was again firmly in control of the Armed Forces.

Illusion indeed. Because Carina, on the surface once again merely an impartial observer of the Admiralty Board, does in fact still wield tremendous power over the Royalists in Parliament behind the scenes, and as a result, over her Armed Forces.

It is revealing that in spite of the abovementioned "reforms", the Motto of the Bretonian Armed Forces remains "Carina, Regina, Imperatrix!"

Carina, Queen and Empress.

Character Information

Characters are named as follows:

  • For fighters and bombers:
    • Fleet admiral: BAF|FltAdm.Initial.Lastname
    • Admiral: BAF|Adm.Initial.Lastname
    • Commodore: BAF|Cdre.Initial.Lastname
    • Captain: BAF|Capt.Initial.Lastname
    • Commander: BAF|Cdr.Initial.Lastname
    • Lt Commander: BAF|LtCdr.Initial.Lastname
    • Lieutenant: BAF|Lt.Initial.Lastname
    • Ensign: BAF|Ens.Initial.Lastname
  • For capital ships: BAF|HMS-Shipname

Characters use a Bretonian Armed Forces IFF and Bretonia Armed Forces ID.


Armed Forces recruitment poster

The Bretonian Armed Forces are the shield and sword of the kingdom and the royal protectors of the crown. By the order of the Queen's government and the royal approval of the Monarchy, the Armed Forces are to use all available means at their disposal to protect the people of Bretonia from any harm from foreign or domestic threats.

Their methods of operation include:

  • Defence against immediate threats to civilian population within Bretonian space, regardless of origin
  • Constant offensive operations (or failing that, harassment) of hostile foreign forces who would dare violate Bretonian borders without signed permission from the Queen or government
  • Unfailing support to the Bretonia Police Authority and the Bretonian Intelligence Service, should their request such as needed
  • Ensuring the flow of legal trade through Bretonian space, and the complete security of Bretonian corporations and their interests
  • Keeping civilian morale high at all times by ensuring them of the infallibility of the Bretonian Armed Forces, and the extensive protection that all civilians are receiving

All BAF commanders should constantly remind their pilots of these duties, as the job of a BAF pilot is paramount to the continued existence of the Kingdom of Bretonia.

Zone of influence

Armed Forces zone of operations map.

New London

The capital of House Bretonia. New London houses the government, royalty and the heads of the major corporate bodies of Bretonia. It is the most important system of the kingdom, and as such needs to be defended fiercely. Under vigilance from the Battleship Suffolk, New London's safety has been unstable since the fall of Leeds as Battleship York retreated back to Newcastle Jump Gate, More [[Mollys] are raiding the system, as well as Corsairs. However, the most feared threat is the Gallic Royal Navy as The Bretonia Armed Forces carries on regular raids to cripple the Gallic forces there. However, Gallic Forces do counter-attacks into the New London system terrorizing the safety of civilians. .


The breadbasket of the kingdom, Cambridge is a vital system. It lies on the crucial trade route to Rheinland and contains the single largest concentration of farms in all of Bretonia. It is also constantly raided by Corsair pirates, and as such needs particular attention when it comes to the protection of trade traffic within it. The BAF command centre in the system is onboard Battleship Norfolk, strategically positioned near the Ross Planetoid. BAF standing orders are to shoot any and all Corsair ships in the system for the protection of the civilian populace.


While Manchester is a crucial through-way to Liberty for Bretonian trade, it is rather quiet in terms of pirate attacks. Light Gaian and Lane Hacker raids are to be expected, nothing more. Due to this relative safety, Bretonian forces within the system operate from Battleship Suffolk in New London. Only light patrols necessary.


Leeds houses the industrial machine of Bretonia. Planet Leeds itself is home to countless factories and manufacturing facilities, and is thus extremely important to the Bretonian crown. After the Bretonia Armed Forces successfully defending the system, It did not last long until Gallic Royal Navy forces broke through taking control of Planet Leeds, Planetary Resistance is still present and holding. Raids and guerrilla warfare is still commencing in an attempt to cripple The Gauls and supply the resistance on Planet Leeds.

Battleship Derby as destroyed during the battle for Leeds along with the rest of It's fleet. However, Battleship York Fleet was able to retreat with It's surviving warships to the New London system, as it serves as Stationary Headquarters at the Newcastle Jump Gate.


The system of Edinburgh is important for one reason: its planets. Planet Gaia is the lushest stellar body currently known in the Sirius sector, brimming with exotic wild life and freely growing plant life. It is highly sought after as a tourist destination and generates excessive profits for the government through taxes. The other planet, Ayr is currently under terraforming by Planetform, Inc. in an effort to create new habitable places for the people of Bretonia and lead the way in such future endeavours all across Sirius.

After the fall of Edinburgh and the fall of Leeds, Bretonia Armed Forces lost their open window for their operations from Battleship Derby to Edinburgh after it was destroyed. Therefore, Dundee was the new window, as Bretonia Armed Forces initiated their attacks on Edinburgh from Battleship Stirling tying to cut off Gallia's supply line.


Newcastle is a large system housing a number of corporations and a significant standing fleet of the Armed Forces. Due to the amount of forces stationed by the crown there, the threat of piracy is minimal and forces are currently being pulled from Newcastle to assist with Leeds defence against the wicked Kusari invaders. Battleship Ark Royal houses fleet command within the system.


The Dublin system is one of the more troublesome areas of the Kingdom, being the home system of the Mollys, as well as a major source of gold for all of Sirius - thus attracting petty pirates and Corsairs as well. Despite the recent treaty with the official Molly leadership, the amount of piracy and crime in the system has seen a steady increase as the BMM expands its operations there. Due to the growing severity of the pirate problem, the BAF has now been tasked with cleaning up the system under the blessing of the new Molly leadership. They operate within it from the launch bays of Battleship Essex.


Although a lifeless and generally worthless system, Dundee is crucial to the Bretonian war effort due to its position on the galactic map. It is a through-way system to Tau-31 allowing the Armed Forces to bypass the heavily defended jump gate in Leeds, and strike the Kusari forces from the rear. It is currently the stage of a bloody battle between Kusari and Bretonian forces, with the victor being able to claim one of the only two natural ways the Tau systems into Bretonian house space. The BAF admiralty has declared the system as critical, and BAF reinforcements are advised to proceed from Leeds to Dundee whenever necessary to reinforce that flank against the Kusari's. The Dundee front is under command of the Battleship Stirling.


Omega-3, nick-named Snowdown, has long retained its status as a Bretonian protectorate, unquestioned by Rheinland who has its own problems with keeping the unfriendly system of Omega-7 in check. The Cambridge fleet is officially authorised to patrol the Omega-3 system at all times, which they do. Despite the presence however, Omega-3 is a difficult system plagued by pirates of all origins, and large numbers of independent settlers who look at the Kingdom's intentions with clear hostility. Due to this, all Bretonian patrols within the system must be accompanied by a ranking officer to prevent any political incidents with the local populace.


Salisbury is the home of the Bretonian fleet command, and is also the main training area of the Bretonian Armed Forces. The Fleet Admiral resides here, and as such this system is fiercely protected in case of any enemy assassins stumbling upon the jump hole.

Other locations

Armed Forces pilots can be occasionally spotted in these areas, fulfilling their objectives as necessary.


The Armed Forces are supplied by the Bretonian government with state of the art weaponry comparable if not exceeding the specifications of any other available offensive gun in the Sirius sector. Bretonian ships are specialised and extremely well suited to the tasks that they are built for, traditionally sporting good armour and powerful powerplants, as well as fine agility.

Due to these perks, the BAF has no need for foreign weaponry. A BAF fighter pilot can make use of Splitter and Ultra Sunrail class weapons depending on personal preference and the availability of these weapons. They can compliment such firepower with weaponry provided by civilian contractors such as missile launchers or Debilitators.


Strike craft
Br fighter.png
Light Fighter
Dsy dragoon.png
Heavy Fighter
Br elite.png
Very Heavy Fighter
Capital ships
Br destroyer.png
Bretonia Destroyer
Br battleship.png
Bretonia Battleship



Minister of Defense, House Bretonia
Sir Firmus Piett (FallenKnight)
Honorary Rank
Fleet Admiral
Michelle O'Brian (AlphaWolf215)
Acting Overall Commander
Natalie Avery Reaser (Ghost Radical)
Commander of the 3rd Cambridge Fleet and 9th Ark Royal Fleet
Commander of the Auxiliary Fleet
Evyn Wildcat (SMI-Great.Fox)
Commander of the 8th York Fleet
Jeff Bloom (andreo009)
Commander of the 11th GrimsbyFleets
George Richard Hall (Thunderer)
Commander of the 4th Norfolk Fleet
Charlotte Brooks (Cashew)
Commander of the 10th McDuff Fleet
Commander of the Merchant Navy
Angus Graham (Highland Laddie)
Commander of the 6th Essex Fleet
Ryan Williams (Stone21)
Commander of the 12th Stirling Fleet
Liam Lionhart (Ghost Radical)
William Briggson
Heather Pearson (Snoopy)
Executive Officer of the 1st New London Fleet
Lucious Robinson (FallenKnight)
Henry Moore (Lamare)
Simon Aldwyn (Derkylos)
Jack Briggs (AlphaWolf215)
Bates (Abolisher)
Oliver.Davis (Pacific)
Olivia.Sunderland (Pacific)
Lieutenant Commander
Feya Wildcat (SMI-Great.Fox)
Ariana Winters (Flash)
Fighter Wing Instructor
John Atwood (Sava)
Fighter Wing Instructor
Jaina Clark (FallenKnight)
Takeshi Sakata (Ghost Radical)
Andrew Johnson (Mister_X)
Brandon DiMarco (Havok)
Jack Noah (mordor)
Thomas Gratwick (Captain)
George Teeze (Pepe)
David Garrand (Samuel Samuels)
Roman Thomson (_Freezer7_)
Capital Ship Fleet
Bretonia Carrier
Long-Range Support Carrier
Auxiliary Fleet (shared)
Long-Range Support Carrier
12th Expolatory Flett (Pacific)
Mobile Fleet Command Headquarters
(High Command shared)

Bretonia 'Dunkirk'-class Battleship
Bretonia Armed Forces Flagship. Mobile Fleet Command Headquarters
CO - Admiral George Richard Hall
CO - Fleet Admiral Michelle O'Brian
CO - Admiral Natalie Avery Reaser
(Ghost Radical)
CO - Fleet Admiral Michelle O'Brian
CO - Admiral Evyn Wildcat
CO - Admiral Jeff Bloom
Royal Sovereign
CO - Captain Lucious Robinson
Quick-Response Ship
Quick-Response Ship
CO - Flag Officer [[Tony Adams]
CO - Flag Officer Royston Farrell
New Anglia
CO - Flag Officer Diana Faye
Bretonia Destroyer
Liberty Assault Battlecruiser
Liberty Siege Cruiser
CO - Admiral Charlotte BrooksLiberty Siege Cruiser
Isaac Brock
Quick-Response Ship
CO - Admiral Jeff Bloom
CO - Admiral Evyn Wildcat
CO - Captain Charlotte Brooks
Royal Enfield
CO - Flag fficer Tony Adams
CO - Commander Wayne Johnson
Bretonia Gunboat
Quick-Response Ship
Quick-Response Ship
Quick-Response Ship
Liberty Gunboat
Liberty Gunboat
Liberty Gunboat
CO - Admiral Jeff Bloom
CO - Admiral Charlotte Brooks
CO - Captain Lucious Robinson
Royal Liners
Prison Liners
Repair Ships
CO - Captain Henry Moore
Fleet Command
Admiralty Headquarters
Headquarters - Battleship Harlow
Fleet Admiral Michelle O'Brian
1st Fleet
Headquarters - Planet New London
Fleet Admiral Michelle O'Brian
2nd Fleet
Headquarters - Planet Leeds
Leeds Fleet Headquarters Admiralty Control Lifted. Ground Forces Resistance Commander Leads
3rd Fleet
Headquarters - Planet Cambridge
Admiral Natalie Avery Reaser
4th Fleet
Headquarters - Battleship Norfolk
Admiral George Richard Hall
5th Fleet
Headquarters - Battleship Suffolk
Fleet Admiral Michelle O'Brian
6th Fleet
Headquarters - Battleship Essex
Commodore Angus Graham
7th Fleet
Headquarters - Battleship Derby
8th Fleet
Headquarters - Battleship York
Admiral Evyn Wildcat
9th Fleet
Headquarters - Battleship Ark Royal
Admiral Natalie Avery Reaser
10th Fleet
Headquarters - Battleship Macduff
Admiral Charlotte Brooks
11th Fleet
Headquarters - Battleship Grimsby
Admiral Jeff Bloom
12th Fleet
Headquarters - Battleship Stirling
Commodore Ryan Williams

Note: The old command structure is available here. We will update this as soon as possible.

Awards & Medals

Awards & Medals
Carina's Cross
Awarded to Armed Forces personnel for extraordinary courage and valor in defense of Bretonia.
Distinguished Flying Cross
Awarded to Armed Forces personnel for exceptional piloting ability.
Distinguished Service Cross
Awarded to Armed Forces personnel for extraordinary service in non-combat roles.
Courageous Action Medal
Awarded to Armed Forces Personnel who defeat greatly superior forces.
Veteran's Badge
Awarded to Armed Forces Personnel who have served for over 18 months.
National Service Medal
Awarded to Armed Forces or Bretonian Police personnel or Bretonian citizens who make substantial financial donations to the war effort.
Good Conduct Award
Awarded to personnel whose actions enhance the reputation of the Armed Forces at home or abroad.
Knight Commander of the Order of the Bretonian Empire
Highest National Honor, awarded by the Queen for extraordinary personal service to Bretonia. Confers upon the holder the honorific "Sir" to be recognized by all Bretonian citizens.
Officer of the Order of the Bretonian Empire
National Honor, awarded by the Queen for great personal service to Bretonia. Confers upon the holder the right to include the suffix "OBE" after their name.
Member of the Order of the Bretonian Empire
National Honor, awarded by the Queen for exceptional personal service to Bretonia. Confers upon the holder the right to include the suffix "MBE" after their name.
Siege of Harris Medal
Awarded to Armed Forces personnel who have served a tour of duty of at least a week with the MacDuff Fleet in Tau-31.
Battle of Stokes Medal
Awarded to Armed Forces personnel who fought at the Battle of Stokes. (Leeds, March 8th, 817 A.S.)
Battle of Upper Tau Medal
Awarded to Armed Forces personnel who fought at the Battle of Upper Tau. (Tau-23, April 7th, 817 A.S.)
Fuchu Raid Commemorative Medal
Awarded to Armed Forces Personnel who participated in the rescue of Stanley Nelson and Sam Windsor from Fuchu Prison. (Kyushu-Leeds, Jan 4th, 817 A.S.)
  • For a complete listing of awards issued, including to former personnel and non-personnel, please see our Awards Database.


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Bretonia Police
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Mandalorian Mercenaries
Gateway Shipping
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Bounty Hunters Guild
Liberty Security Force
Liberty Corporations
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