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Full Version: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties)
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"Οh, carda-cig? Thank you senior Arturo."

He took one on his hand, ready to light it up.

"You know we have neglected establishing formal relations between our two groups. I was hoping that could change." Wolfgang said meaningfully.
Matriarch Kiri

Kiri turned to Rin, who aproached her with Irma Bunt and made a bow "Hajimemashita, I saw you arrive with Weisen."

Rin told her what Weisen said and Kiri listened

"I am Kiri, nice to meet you. So I hear you got some kind a business proposal?"

"Tipping the balance!" Rina laughed. "You're funny signora. But this isn't the place for me to boast about the past. Myself and the other guests came here for a festival. I'm not sure what happened between you and Kiri-Sama here, but I don't think an Outcast of the Outcasts should be acting superior to a Kusarian in her home. Maybe we should enjoy our time here instead of" she looked around at the people on edge "this...overly hostile attitude?"

Chika turned away from the rogues once the drama started. She started to worry when Rina B-lined for the woman in gold. Rina-San, onegai, don't do this here she thought. I invited you on good faith

[Image: RoguesLogo.png]

Robert sized up the man, from close he looked even more sick. "Indeed I do." sighed "But it's necessary if you're planning to do business with certain groups. And you do look like who could use a drink." He held out his hand "Robert Dixon. "Nice lie by the way, almost believed it."
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Hemlocke gave him a sly smirk and shook his hand, leaning back upright from his heel. "If you say so, I have heard of you. Shiny Scyllas leave an impression in the minds of fickle rogues. Sometimes they start talking about it openly." He crossed his arms and sighed at the comment of how he looked. "Only reason I need a drink is to keep from bashing someone's head in, I get rowdy when sober." Hemlocke motioned for Dixon to follow to the bar, walking quietly as he eyed the patrons of Morioka. "They really only have Sake here, atleast from what i've seen and what the other rogues brought, what drink do you fancy, Robert?" Hemlocke took a seat at the bar counter, leaning his cheek on his left fist as he watched Dixon.
Ikeda Yume

Yume led the Blood Dragon group to the seats besides Hachiro. "This is Inoue Hachiro-san, also a members of the Blood Dragons. He is the cousin of Watanabe Chika-san, one of our affiliates. I am sure you would be able to get along fine."

Not long later one of the geisha came to them, made a polite bow, asking them if they would like something for a drink.

Moka is approached by a squeamish individual....

[Image: RoguesLogo.png]

Moka is just starting to enjoy his sake, it was definitely an acquired taste but Moka figured if the Kusarian woman can drink it then he should be able too. He noticed this trembling creature in front of him, so he asks: "Yes? What do you want?"

The man tells him that Mr Dixon wants to see him in the hall. Moka then instructs the messenger to tell him that he will go see him when he's ready. "I just got comfortable, just got my drink. So unless he's sucking my dick too, I ain't moving for the next 15 minutes."
Morioka Station, Shikoku System
23th June 826

Torres was currently watching with even more closely now although now he wasn't grinning instead he was listening to every word he could after he heard the words "Ghost's of Razgriz" mentioned. Torres was familiar with the story of the 101st and they're betrayal of Malta and it's people by conspiring with the Corsairs. He could even remember the announcement that the National Council had put out at the time. He continued to watch. Careful to keep his displeasure to himself purely for the sake of not causing a diplomatic incident.
As Irma walked with Rin she could not help but to look for Weisen and ensure he was not getting into any trouble. Irma Noticed Lord Moka, Hemlocke and the rest of the rogues having drinks and enjoying themselves which she liked very much. Even if the Rogues dont have proper manners they still know how to have fun and she can respect that.

Irma notices they have arrived to see the Matriarch and Irma quickly gets herself ready.

"Its a pleasure to meet you Matriarch Kiri, I am Assassin Irma Bunt of the Lane Hackers. Dont let my tittle worry you though, The lane Hackers are hoping for a prosperous future with Gen'an Chrysanthemums just like we are with the Golden Chrysanthemums. I wish to personally and sincerely tell you that the very minor insult by not formally inviting us is in the past and together we can achieve great things should we forge a closer and more trusting relationship, I hope you can agree."

Morioka Station, main hall

“Hai, I see you're a woman with good taste. Arigato gozaimasu Valeria-san.“ Airi smiled at Valeria.
“It's good to have allies, on which you can rely like the cartel. The cartels cardamine and provided hardware are always of top quality.“
She turned her eyes away from Valeria and looked for Kiri-senpai, seeing her talking with some unknown lane hackers to her, she resumed her talks with Valeria.
"I can't wait for your men to bring the orange dream..."

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