Aaron Lemuria

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Aaron Lemuria
Aaron Lemuria.png
Origin Nomad Worlds
Occupation Taskforce One Four One
Gender Male
Affiliation Fl-OR.png The Order
141 since 17.07.819
Rank Agent
Status Active (819 A.S.)
Born 23 June 796 AS, Freeport 11, Omicron Delta
Died MIA

Aaron Lemuria is an agent of the Taskforce One Four One. He is declared as MIA since 18.05.820. Story link


(Text excerpt of his application at Taskforce One Four One:)

Hola, this is Aaron Lemuria.

Before I'll start about telling you who I am, you should know, that I always used to lead a double life; I was born in Omicron Delta on Freeport 11 in 795 AS. At least, that's what the papers say... Well, here's the truth: As I got told, my parents were from "different cultures", so you could say, that I've been an undesired hispanic Zoner child to be correct. They gave me birth, although the authorities had forbidden it. And so they secretly offered me for adoption to a bartender on Freeport 11. Great destiny, isn't it? Anyways, he has been a good father, he gave me a home and a work, and that was all I asked for. In my freetime, I was having my double life. Calling myself "Ares", I made myself a name as professional hacker, fascinated by aliens and other unknown organisms. I got access to several servers, run by the Liberty Security Force and Liberty Navy, collecting intel data about the so-called "Nomads". One day at work at the bar, I draw some stranger's attention on me, who catched me talking about my favorite topic.

"Are you aware of the threat?" He did say to me. "I know the truth. If you'd like to know more, meet me next morning at the hangar. Think about it, we need people like you. But once you're in, there's no way back. It's your decision."

I've been just 21 years old, when I left Omicron Delta for the first time in my life. It might have been the last time, too. At least my father-in-law supported my decision. He told me, that he's sure that I'll be in good hands.

And he was right, the last two years, I've got trained as Bomber pilot in a Sekhmet - 019A Order Bomber, under professional supervision of several flight instructors of the Order.

I handled my terminal examination with bravery, and as one of the ten best apprentices, I recieved a gift for my personal ship: A fully functional cloaking device. And in addition, they gave me the codes for this channel here, saying that this division would fit my temper best.

Whatever the situation is, I can either be a calm and thoughtful man, doing recon missions while being on my own, sneaking through enemy borders like a weasel and hit them where it hurts the most. Or I can be the aggressive and lethal guy, who makes a quick cleanup and disappears as fast as he got in.

My favorite spacecraft is my heavy equipped Sekhmet, in which I'm best in. But I could also get my hands on a light fighter, like the agile Onuris.

Talking about my weaknesses; I'm quite careful and I do fear the death. But I guess, that it's human. Nobody likes to die a fast death, right? What I like to say is, that I'm thrustworthy, but not tired of life.

Well, that should be enough at first. If there are any questions left, feel free to ask. I hope I am, what you're looking for.


Aaron Lemuria

Current Status

His ship identifications:

• 141|Aaron.Lemuria - (Sekhmet)
• 141|Ares - (Onuris)


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