Omicron Delta

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Omicron Delta
Omicron Delta.jpg
Governing House The Core
Region Nomad Worlds
Omicron Chi
Omicron Kappa
Omicron Lost
Omicron Minor
Omicron Rho

No description available.

System Overview

Astronomical Bodies
Stellar Objects

Medium Red

  • TYPE: K3
  • COLOR: Red
  • MASS: 1.87 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.48 x 10e7 km

Medium Blue

  • TYPE: B2
  • COLOR: Blue
  • MASS: 2.12 x 10e30 kg
  • DIAMETER: 1.69 x 10e7 km
Inhabited -- The Core
Planet Tuvalu.jpg
Planet Tuvalu
Planet Vaitupu.jpg
Planet Vaitupu

  • None
  • Kiribati Asteroid Field
  • Oreor Fragments
  • Palau Ice Cloud
Industrial Development
Faction Presence
Lawful Factions
Corporations & Guilds
Unlawful Factions

System Map

Notable events

817 A.S - The Core begins its colonisation of Nauru right underneath the Corsairs noses.

821 A.S - Core captures Yaren Depot, The Order takes ownership of Dabadoru Station while the Cores fleets are occupied with the Corsairs.

823 A.S - The 'Delta Events'. The Delta events were triggered by The Core aggressively responding to repeated infringement by the Zoners on Core laws and territory. The Core inflicted severe damage to Freeport 11, and the Zoners suffered tremendous losses. The Zoners attempted to contact the help of other Omicron locals and even those beyond to push back against The Core but were unsuccessful. Many Zoners fled Delta as a result, and for a while, their population would shrink. Eventually, the Zoners were coerced into a ceasefire.

824 A.S - During the start of the new year, the ceasefire between The Core and Zoners was broken when two Zoner Capitals and the Core fleet locked horns. This combined with the assault of the Freeport by Aoi agents acting as soldiers of The Core. Although there was a small conflict, after discovering alien involvement the situation was quickly diffused.

824 A.S - Later that same year, increasingly friendly diplomacy between The Core and the Zoners began to make The Order and the Corsairs nervous. This came to a height when the Zoners cooperated with building an installation within the Freeport 11 No Fire Zone. Even though the installation was Zoner owned, the Order and the Corsairs attacked it and destroyed it after a long campaign. This has now swung the peneldum of diplomacy back in The Core's favour, as the Zoners of Delta are now very cautious of the Order and the Corsairs.

Areas of Interest

Asteroid Fields

Kiribati Asteroid Field

An ice field comprised of peculiar spindle-shaped asteroids that have been encountered in other Edge World systems, notably Omicron Kappa.

Oreor Fragments

An asteroid belt orbiting Omicron Delta's primary sun. Possibly the remains of a planetary body or a wandering planetoid destroyed in some unknown astronomical cataclysm.


Palau Ice Cloud

A shadow looming in the upper part of Omicron Delta, the Palau Ice Cloud conceals the access into the deeper Omicrons. Plenty of scout patrols and trade convoys have gone missing in the cloud since the Nomads started to become more ferocious in their offensive. Extreme caution is advised, and adequate escorts are mandatory.


Nomad Azurite Reactor - Azurite is a key component in Hybrid Technology - a special case discovered only recently in Sirius. This gas has properties which give humans a working method to replicate at least basic functions performed automatically from the interior of Nomad bodies. Azurite while in its standard form is an odorless gas which has very little notable oddities besides a slight toxicity and an average conductivity rate for a gas. Because of the seemingly normal traits, it was not thought to be terribly remarkable until specific experimentation was attempted.

When energy is refined into a constant voltage and current, Azurite begins to absorb the energy; the molecules begin reacting drastically and begin to bounce around in the containment system. If exposed to any sort of high-energetic matter, such as Plasma, the Azurite infuses immediately. The notable property of the new infusion is that it likes to keep its state. For example, if the Plasma was spinning in a certain shape or form, once infused it will keep the motion and shape until either the infused gas is changed automatically by the energetic matter, or forced apart by perhaps an impact."

By far the most lucrative known source of Azurite Gas is an alien structure rumored to exist in the immensely dangerous Omicron Delta Edge Nebula. According to rumor, energies radiating from within the structure convert the resident minor alien organisms inhabiting the nebula by over-infusing them with energies; this causes them to vaporize into freely-floating gaseous Azurite.

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