Adam Greerson

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Adam Greerson aka XA- Retribution
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Xenos
Born 783 A.S., Planet Los Angeles
Died Still alive

Adam Greerson is the notorious Xeno spokesperson and propogandist most famously known for his extended public broadcasts throughout Liberty space and also for his published work The Unstoppable Truth, a long political treatise that has been subsequently banned throughout Liberty. He nevertheless has a considerable following and is a darling of the subversive media throughout Liberty where much of his broadcasts and movements are often reported. It is believed he has a considerable number of patrons among some of Liberties' more "right" leaning upper-class and who are believed to make regular financial contributions to him. He also travels extensively throughout Liberty worlds on "Speaking tours" which regularly attract large numbers of attendees and thus attention from the Liberty Police. He commands one of the few known Gunboat class vessels known to be possessed by the Xenos, the Gunboat "Retribution"; a retrofitted and modified retired Liberty Navy Gunboat which was formerly owned by the warden of LPI Huntsville.

Personal Bio

Very little is known about Greerson's early life beyond that which he has written himself and that which he has stated in interviews. A noted propogandist, Greerson thrives on a constructed ideal of himself and thus all his own anecdotes should be taken with due caution. What is known from his own accounts and which has been verified by authorities was that Greerson was born on Planet Los Angeles in 783 A.S and later attended California System university where he graduated with a bachelors Degree in Political Science and History. He secured work as a Consultant with a local firm at the middle management level but after a brief and uneventful tenure here he was dismissed along with several hundred other employees during a restructuring move by the company. Greerson describes this event as one of the turning points of his life. What is clear is that after this event he moved greatly into political agitation on Los Angeles and was indirectly linked to several attacks of vandalism and arson. A murder charge brought a warrant for his arrest in 809 A.S and he went into hiding. Subsequently found and arrested he was incarcerated in LPI Huntsville to await trial. However by this time, he had already attracted the attention of the Xenos, who declared a great affinity with his politics and with their aid and that of several other inmates Greerson made good his escape in the afformentioned LNS-Retribution (afterwards renamed the XA-Retribution) and joined the Xeno movement formally.

Greerson is known as a fiery public speaker and his rallies often draw large crowds from Liberties' growing ranks of unemployed and disaffected. However, with the onset of hostilities against Rheinland Greerson seems to have toned down the rhetoric of his direct attacks on the Liberty Navy, prefering to concentrate on the increase of foriegn influence in Liberty and the plight of the poor as the Liberty government continues to spend vast sums of money on a war that seems to be degrading into a stalemate.

Greerson is on the Liberty Governments "most wanted" list and has officially been branded a Terrorist. His location is always kept a closely gaurded secret and he is rumoured to never spend more than 48 hours in one place, prefering to move from planet to planet.


Greerson is an avout isolationist like many among the Xeno movement, claiming that he would prefer the wealth and resources of Liberty be turned to the betterment its own citizens than used in foriegn investment and what he calls "adventurist" miltary conflicts with foreign houses. One of his constant themes is the plight of the poor of Liberty, whom he claims are an ever increasing number (a claim that is backed up by independant Surveys conducted within Liberty itself) who are inreasingly ignored by the government. While this fact is not completely true it is known that the increase in population across Liberty coupled with a depletion of traditional trade and resources has compounded the problems faced the Government and thus minimised the impact of many of their financial reform schemes. As such, Greersons' message and popularist politics often find a fertile audience among the people of Liberty eager for any form of change.

Notable Economists have attacked Greersons' Economic policies, claiming that Liberty cannot be completely self sufficient owing to the increasingly complex econonic situation brought on by the widespread systemization of the Sirius economy however Greerson refutes this claiming that the current system is constructed in a manner that keeps wealth in the hands of an elite minority across all the houses, which despite the increased wealth seen across the middle classes of Liberty is a theme eagerly swallowed by the poor.