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House Liberty
Republic of Liberty
Capital Planet Manhattan,
New York System
Official languages English
Government Constitutional Federal Republic
- Leader   President James Powell
Founded 1 A.S.
Controlled space

Core Systems

Other Territory

Occupied systems

Affiliated organisations

Liberty or the Republic of Liberty is the title of one of the four original houses in Sirius. Liberty occupies the central systems of the core worlds, giving it the position of the commercial hotspot of Sirius - a position which the house knows how to exploit. The Liberty Navy is known for frequently patrolling independent systems connected to it's sovereign territory.


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Escape from Sol

In the tumult of the Exodus, The Liberty launched before the other great sleeper ships. Colonists whisper, even today, that the launch date may have been intentionally moved forward against the explicit wishes of the Great Planners. Early launch would have guaranteed the Liberty free access to the worlds of the Sirius Sector before the other sleeper ships arrived, but all proof of such a betrayal of trust was lost along with Earth. Even if the Liberty did launch early, there is little that can be done about it now...but there remains a lingering feeling of resentment among the other houses: a vague feeling that, somehow, Liberty does not entirely deserve the position of superiority it enjoys eight centuries later.

Arrival in Sirius

When the Liberty first arrived in the Sirius Sector they found an area rich in resources but lacking in habitable planets. With a hundred systems at their fingertips, they settled on those near the center of Sirius where the highest number of main sequence stars and Earth-like planets existed and a fair number of resources could be easily obtained. Eventually they made planet-fall on Manhattan, in the system they christened New York. They began the difficult task of rebuilding civilization two full years before any other sleeper ship arrived.The physical sleeper ship itself was stripped down to allow for rapid building, but has since been refurbished and proudly flaunts Liberty's logo over Manhattan's main landing dock for all travelers to be reminded of just how far Liberty has come.

Controlled and contested space

The Liberty government considers fourteen systems as part of it's republic: New York, Texas, Colorado, California, Pennsylvania, Ontario, Alberta, Virginia, New Hampshire and Alaska; Virginia and Alaska however are off-limits to everyone but a small number of highly trained Navy members and other government officials. Out of these ten systems, only five have habitable worlds: New York, Texas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and California.

Additionally, due to the war with Rheinland, Liberty currently have occupational control (to an extent) of both the Bering and Hudson independent systems.

Government and politics


Liberty is a very capitalistic colony, cherishing free trade above all else. Its location at the center of Sirius has made it extremely rich off of inter-colonial trade, and Liberty's military forces have the protection of free commerce as their primary mission objective.

Liberty Exports

A list of most important export products and trading objects of Liberty; this includes Cortez, Puerto Rico, Vespucci and Hudson:

Food and other agracultural or watercultural products of Liberty:


Industrial Products

Human Resources & Tourism

Foreign relations

Due to its position as a center for trade, Liberty maintains diplomatic and economic ties to most of the other houses, with the current exception of Gallia.

Liberty has especially strong ties to the house of Bretonia, due in part to their shared culture and language, as well as powerful economic ties that bind the two houses together. The Liberty Navy and Bretonian Armed Forces also have a long history of cooperation, with both houses helping to jointly administer the independent systems of Magellan and Cortez under the Treaty of Curacao. They are both figthing together against Gallia.

Liberty also maintains a neutral stance towards the Kusari Empire/Kusari Republic, but relations have been strained over the conflict between Bretonia and Kusari in the Tau systems. However, it is likely that relations between Kusari and Liberty will remain relatively calm, as Liberty relies heavily on several key Kusari exports.

Liberty was engaged in a war with Rheinland over allegations of illegal Nomad research by Liberty scientists, as well as arguments over the administration of the independent systems of Bering and Hudson. In 818AS both sides agrred on an armistice. In the following times the relationships beween them has been increased.

Liberty is also very hostile towards the Nación Maltesa, who's distribution of the drug cardamine have caused major problems within the large population centers of New York and California. Liberty is also officially opposed to the other Hispanic group, the Corsairs, but due to the lack of contact between Liberty and Corsair forces, little actual fighting takes place between the two.

Since the Gallic Royal Navy entered the Taus and attacked Bretonia Liberty is in war with Gallia as a result of the military alliance between Bretonia and Liberty.

The Commonwealth of Liberty is considered as outcast terrorist.

States and other Lawful Sovereign or Semi-Sovereign Entities

Faction Relationship
Kingdom Of Bretonia
Anti Gallic Royal Alliance
Colonial Republic
Empire of Kusari
Federal Republic of Rheinland
The Order
At War
Nación Maltesa
At War
Imperio del Corsario
At War
Commonwealth of Liberty
At War
Alien and infected
At War
Kingdom of Gallia
At War

Crime and dissent

Liberty has made its share of enemies. Free-market capitalism produces an exploited class as a by-product, and the Xenos, Lane Hackers, and Liberty Rogues are all the remnants of Liberty's wanton lust for profit. While Manhattan has become a cornucopia of wealth, systems like Colorado and Texas, that fuel Liberty's industry, are manned by slave labor convicts, most of which maintain that they were only imprisoned to fuel Liberty's economy.

Liberty Starships

Fighters & Bombers

Li fighter.png
Ligth Figther / Interceptor
Li elite.png
Basic Very Heavy Figther

Heavy Bomber
Li elite2.png
Elite Very Heavy Figther

Prison Liner

Prison liner.png
Prison Liner
Prison Transport Ship


Li gunship.png
Anti-Fighter Platform
Recon Cruiser Prototype
Long Range Reconship
Li cruiser s.png
Anti-Capital Platform

Heavy Attack Battlecruiser
Heavy Carrier
Li dreadnought.png
Battleship; Flagship

Commercial & Liberty Civilian

Li freighter.png
Armored Freighter

Liberty b cargo.png
Heavy Transport
Super Transport
Luxury liner.png
Luxury Liner

For a complete list of ships you may see being flown in Liberty space, see Liberty ships.

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