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Base was not moved when Alabama was deleted

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Alamo Base
Fort class Station
Alamo Base.png
XenosLogo.png Xeno Guard
F5, Alabama
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 240

Alamo Base was established by Deep Space Engineering in 795 A.S. after an initial survey detected the presence of untapped mineral resources on Planet Death Valley. Deep Space Engineering had hoped to use the base to do a more detailed survey of the planet and eventually to establish a colony on the planet. They kept the location of the system and the existence of the base a secret at the higest levels of the corporation to prevent others from trying to claim a piece of their profits.

Unknown to DSE, however, was the presence of a Xeno Guard base in the system. The Xenos reacted to the corporate presence with extreme hostility, and eventually drove DSE from the base and the system. Since DSE's failure in this system, they concluded that, despite the resouces on Planet Death Valley, it wasn't worth the cost necessary to drive the Xenos from the system. Instead, they swept the whole incident under the rug and removed all references to the system from their records. As a result, the very existance of the Alabama system remains unknown to nearly everyone in Liberty, including the Libertonian government. The system itself was designed and overseen by Sel Ketal, a famous architect who joined the Xeno cause.

Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view), the Xenos do not have the means to exploit Death Valley's resources, or their fortunes might be much different. Still, they guard it jealously all the same.

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