Alcara Shipping Depot

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Alcara Shipping Depot
Comune class Station
Alcara Shipping Depot.jpg
G3, Omicron Tau
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 270

Alcara Depot was constructed in 823 A.S. and represents a revolutionary change in the mindset and operations of both the Outcasts and Junkers. While the pair are no strangers to cooperation - the Junkers' redistribution network being one of the largest markets for Outcast Cardamine in Sirius - they had previously possessed an "arm's length" relationship. With the Outcasts' notorious xenophobia prohibiting foreign installations within their territory, and the Junkers primarily concerned with discrete operations within and bordering House space, many believed that state unlikely to change. Despite that, Alcara is the fruition of a decades long Junker experiment into the viability of long range smuggling and born from years of discrete negotiation between the cartels of Malta and the recently evicted clans of Yanagi Depot.

The Junker's expertise as cargo handlers and reputation as shrewd businessmen has already made Alcura the prime destination for freelance merchants looking to trade with the Outcasts. The station is also infamous as a holding pen for captured Slaves that are en-route to the plantations of Malta. The Junkers of Alcura are responsible for the initiation of what has been referred to as "black marketeering on an industrial scale", effectively operating as the first de facto Maltese corporation. While this outsourcing of shipments has freed many Outcast pilots to occupy themselves elsewhere, it has caused considerable concern for the Zoners of Freeport 10 who had previously ingratiated themselves by providing a unique service as middlemen for goods exclusive to the Houses. Lingering mistrust from many Outcasts and outright hostility from the denizens of the Taus mean the Junkers of Tau walk on a razor's edge.

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