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Cargo Space 1
Decay Rate no decay
Default Price 200

Stabiline is produced by Cryer Pharmaceuticals through an advanced nanomanufacturing process in zero gravity environment. The drug is a synthetic copy of essential chemical modules that are found naturally in Cardamine, with one crucial difference: Stabiline does not create further genetic alteration in the DNA of the user. Regular doses of Stabiline may replace Cardamine intake, resulting in an addict who is no longer dependant on an illegal substance, although the pharmaceutical does not reduce the pre-existing chemical dependency,nor does it reverse previous DNA alteration. Side-effects are the same as from Cardamine, although use of Stabiline does not involve a biochemical dependency unless the user is already addicted to Cardamine.


  • Detailed information about restricted / illegal Commodities and licence possiblities can be found here: The Laws of Sirius


The following houses prohibit the possession of this item, and may flag your ship as hostile:
Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Flag-bretonia.png Kingdom of Bretonia
Flag-rheinland.png Federal Republic of Rheinland
Flag-kusari.png Kusari Empire
Flag-gallia.png Kingdom of Gallia

Buy/Sell Locations

The following bases either sell the item, or buy the item at a non-default price (possibly lower).


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