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Alexandria Base
Zeus class Station
Alexandria Base.jpg
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
5A, Omicron Omega
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 860

Alexandria was the first station to be constructed by the Corsairs in Omicron Omega. It was used as a base by which Corsairs could explore the system, charting its contents and documenting it for future reference. Nowadays the storage facilities for exploratory equipment have been converted into storage space for raw materials and finished goods, bound for either Rhodes Shipyard or Barcelona Station.

The station itself is located within the Santa Marina asteroid field. Some training takes place around the base, which allows pilots to train in navigating asteroid fields, both at speed and in combat. The site for Alexandria was chosen here in the asteroid field specifically because of the lack of sensor-blocking materials within the field. This allows the powerful sensors on Alexandria to constantly scan Omicron Omega for any hostile forces and deploy fighters if necessary. However, due to Omicron Omega's remote location, the base has not seen any hostilities yet.

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Heavy Fighter
Heavy Fighter