Amy Masako

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The Siren
Amy Masako
Commander Sienna Michiba
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Occupation Siren of the Aoi Iseijin
Affiliation Aoi Iseijin
Born November 16th 622 A.S. (Age 197)

Amy Masako is the current Siren of the Aoi Iseijin, a dangerous infectee who manipulates the minds of those around her to best suit her goals. Her illusions extend to all five senses, and any illusions she creates are nearly indistinguishable from reality, to all but the sharpest minds in Sirius.


Early Life and the Golden Chrysanthemums

Born Amelia Komatsuzaki of Fukuoka Island, Planet Kyushu, in November of 622A.S, Amy was the daughter to the governor of Kyushu, Shinji Komatsuzaki. It was her role in Kusari society to marry the future governor, Shinji's successor, however a number of months before her 20th birthday, and planned wedding, Yuyu Matsuda, a young but critically acclaimed poet, published the poem "Golden Chrysanthemum in Bloom", inspiring young women across Kusari.

Influenced by the words of the poet, Amy joined up with a fifth column group known as the Golden Chrysanthemums, running away from her own wedding and traditional responsibilities as a woman. For six years, the Chrysanthemums gathered support and resources, claiming responsibility for various yet small crimes across Kusari. In 648A.S., upon the botched assassination of the governor of Kyushu, Amy's former fiancé, and Yuyu Matsuda's ritual suicide, the Golden Chrysanthemums stepped up their game and took to the skies, moving their operations to space.

The First of the Wild

During a Golden Chrysanthemum operation against Samura in Sigma-17, Amy's Eagle was clipped by an EMP Missile and she was knocked unconscious, lost in the clouds on emergency life support for nearly a week before she was discovered by the Slomon K'Hara.

The K'Hara, having studied humans for years in the the seclusion of the Nomad Worlds, Amy was amongst the first humans to be introduced to the Nomad Symbiote, the first of the newly formed Infectee caste. Amy and her fellow agents were then sent back into human society, to study all that the Slomon K'Hara vessels could not, reporting all they could back to the Mindshare.

The Nomad War and Rebuilding the Aoi Iseijin

By the time humanity stumbled on the Nomads, her skills were already in use for drawing fresh prey for Tekagi's forces. In the Battle of Tekagi's Arch during the Nomad War, Amy was working within the Kusari Government to locate active Nomad Artifacts within the Kusari elite, and avoided the fate of the majority of Tekagi's forces.

When the Kusari Naval Forces chose to rebuild Heaven's Gate, and station their newly assigned Hanta-Iseijin wing there, the remnants of Tekagi moved from within the shadows to infiltrate and control them. Amy lead up these squads, under Ketara Inoshi, Tekagi's replacement as architect of the infected Kusari Forces.

In two decades, her work assisted in the Aoi Iseijin secretly subverting the whole Hanta-Iseijin wing to their control, regaining previously lost political ties in the Kusari Government. Over a number of years, she carefully built up a fake life as a Kusari Naval Officer, using her gifts as an infectee and power within Kusari to create an entirely false name and set of records, allowing her to take command of the Hanta-Iseijin wing.

Until 819A.S., Amy lived the life of Commander Sienna Michiba, leaving Kusari none the wiser of the Aoi Iseijin's goals for Kusari.

Personal Life

Amy was in love with a Kusari Naval Forces pilot, Alexander Yamakuzi, who served under Tekagi's Gaurd. Though he died in the fight at Heaven's Gate in 800A.S., they had a child shortly before the Nomad War, Alexandra Masako.

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