Aoi Iseijin

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This is an unofficial player group.

Aoi Iseijin
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Affiliation The Wild
Alignment Nomads
Date of founding before 800 A.S.
Founder(s) Governor Tekagi
Current leader(s) Ketara Inoshi
Base of operations Heaven's Gate
Primary role
Subverting Kusari to Slomon K'Hara control
Secondary role
Gain political power and resources in Kusari

The Aoi Iseijin (青いイセイジン) are the remnants of the former infected personel of Tekagi during the Nomad War. The Iseijin is split into two groups, the Hanta-Iseijin, who operate covertly as part of the Kusari Naval Forces, and the more aggressive Remnants of Tekagi, who act overtly using advanced tactics and confusion to dispatch targets.


The Hanta-Iseijin

The Aoi Iseijin is the Nomad's answer to infesting Kusari. Just after the Nomad war, the Kusari Naval Forces decided that Kusari needed a better form of security against the aliens invading their home. High command soon came up with a simple, yet supposedly effective answer. The Hanta-Iseijin.

The Hanta-Iseijin are a separate division dedicated to combating the alien threat based out of Heaven's gate, Tohoku. It seemed the project was doomed to fail when the Kusari naval high command lost contact with the division for a few days shortly after they arrived, luckily though, contact was reestablished after a short week of silence. The leadership of the Hanta-Iseijin blamed a technological failure for the radio silence and is currently executing their previously given orders.

The Remnants of Tekagi

Besides the Hanta-Iseijin, there is one other main group. The Hunters, or "remnants of Tekagi". The remnants of Tekagi are the infested soldiers of Tekagi still serving the Nomads. They are quick, deadly and show no remorse.

This group acts as a scapegoat, drawing the attention of the Blood Dragons, The Order and Kusari Naval Forces. This lays no suspition of infection on the Hanta-Iseijin.

Zone of Influence and Special Operations


The Hanta-Iseijin mainly patrol inside the Borders of Kusari, seeking out criminal elements and keeping innocents safe. Sometimes Iseijin ships are found in the systems bordering Kusari, dealing with smugglers and potential alien threats. Special operations deep into the Omicrons are often performed by well trained agents of the Iseijin, for the purposes of recon, and dealing with hostile groups such as the Order.

Remnants of Tekagi

Primary Zone of Influence: Kusari, Nomad Worlds

Secondary Zone of Influence: Taus, Omicrons, Sigmas, Omegas


Within RP, we will be addressing each other with ranks fitting our chosen identities; the Mindshare however does not divide Nomads into ranks, but task groups, which we will be using instead of formal ranks in our faction:


The Agents of Inoshi are the covert infectees working inside Kusari. To the Kusari Naval Forces they are known as the Hanta-Iseijin, and their job is to protect Kusari from the Alien and Order threat present in the Nomad Worlds. They are often found masquerading as their Naval Ranks, collecting valuable intelligence and resources for when the Aoi Iseijin are ready to rise up again.

The Architect is the manager, the creator, the shaper, the advisor, the puppeteer. She is the Aoi Iseijin's mindnode, she controls the faction and ensures everything goes according to the plan. In other words - she leads it. The current Architect is Ketara Inoshi, rarely found outside of her ship, or the Arch.

The Siren is the sweet voice in the darkness commanding you to draw near. It is the hypnotiser, the illusionist and puppeteer. The infiltrator of infiltrators, the Siren is known to create a veil of lies, with the ability to move in any crowd seamlessly. The Siren fills the empty husks found through Sirius with the minds of our brothers and sisters. The current Siren is Amy Masako, a former Golden Chrysanthemum, her tasks include seeking out new Agents and joining them with family.

The Trappers are the main force of the Agents, and the second most dangerous task force. They work undercover as the Kusari Naval Forces, Hanta-Iseijin wing. A large portion of the Trappers are simply brainwashed, with the upper echelons being infected, this narrows down the chance of their cover being blown.

The Providers do what their title suggests. They provide. They provide the Aoi Iseijin with their basic needs, from food and water for the host bodies over spare parts for their ships to mass deliveries of "organic components" for the waiting Incubi. Providers are usually large ships such as Transports or Capital Vessels.

The Learners are those who research, those who know. They are the "scientists" of the Aoi Iseijin, relying on the Providers and Trappers to be able to do what they are best at. They study and develop new methods of interfacing with human technology, they are analysts of political happenings in Kusari, they are everlearning gatherers of knowledge.

Within the Hanta-Iseijin, Trappers fall under one of three Kusari Naval ranks,

Kaigun Daisa (Captain): High Officer, can manages recruitment, training and most combat operations.

Kaigun Chūsa (Commander): Officer, often delegated work from a Captain, incharge of most training exersises, and sometimes heads a combat operation.

Kaigun Daii (Lieutenant) Default rank for the majority of pilots.

Remnants of Tekagi

Tekagi's Remnants are the aggressive hunters of the Aoi Iseijin, much like the Das Wilde and Keepers, they aggressively clash with human ships on a regular basis, protecting their space and violently executing those who dare cross them. They are frequently seen outside of Kusari, often in the Nomad Worlds and deep Omicrons.

Mandate of Heaven is a Nomad entity present within a Togo, and is the superior mindnode of the Hunter task group. The Mandate of Heaven is often found on the edges of occupied space, observing and learning from all that it meets. The Sahaquiel has been seen acting almost like a bodyguard.

Sahaquiel is a Nomad entity present within a Kagutsuchi, and is the minor mindnode of the Hunter task group. Wherever the Hunters are, the Sahaquiel is always close by, watching and dictating, acting almost like a server to organise the smaller ships.

The Hunters are the overt arm of the Aoi Iseijin, their tactics often include luring unsuspecting prey into improvised traps or slipping into battles and dispatching high value targets before either side knows what's happening. Hunters have been seen in a large variety of Kusari ships, ranging from criminals to armed forces, this only adds the confusion.

Goals and Diplomacy


As far as the Kusari Government is aware, the Hanta-Iseijin were deployed to the northern systems of the house to combat hostile Alien Forces and Terrorist groups. Their purpose is to repel the Wild, Nomads, and to prevent the Order from gaining a foothold in Kusari, as well as to assist the Kusari Naval Forces with the Blood Dragon and Golden Chrysanthemum threats.

In reality, the upper echelons of the Hanta-Iseijin are infected and use their political position and the men under their command to slowly and covertly push the Kusari Naval Forces under nomad control. First and foremost, their task is to gather resources and power, obtaining larger amounts of snubcraft and raw materials. With the destruction of the Order and criminal groups such as the Blood Dragons and Golden Chrysanthemums, the Iseijin intend to sweep in and overthrow Kusari completely.

Hanta-Iseijin diplomacy is as follows,

Faction Relationship
Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari State Police
Samura Industries
Kishiro Technologies
Gas Miners Guild
Independent Miners Guild
Farmers Alliance
Faction Relationship
Golden Chrysanthemums
Blood Dragons
The Order
At War
Alien Forces
At War

Remnants of Tekagi

The Remnants of Tekagi are much less subtle, their goals are simply to damage potential threats, and to strike out at groups by hitting their supply lines. These Hunter ships are found to be the most dangerous group by far, attacking targets when they are stunned or confused, masquerading as a variety of different ships. They are most often found in Kusari and the Nomad Worlds, attacking for retribution or to dispatch weak, defenceless targets.

As far as Diplomacy goes, the Remnants of Tekagi will attack almost anyone, going out of their way to hurt Zoners and the Order, who have shown increased agressiveness towards them. The only group, save other Nomads, that the Remnants will not engage, is the Outcasts, whom are largely ignored unless provoked.

Joining the Aoi Iseijin

To join the Aoi Iseijin, you must first join and operate as the Hanta-Iseijin. Once sufficient trust has been earned, nicer, bigger ships are made available, and permission is given to fly as one of the Remnants of Tekagi.

Recruitment thread for the Hanta-Iseijin is available here. For questions related to recruitment or the Aoi Iseijin in general, you can always contact Akura