Anna McCarthy

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Anna McCarthy
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Affiliation Freelancer
Born November 13th,800 A.S.
Died Still Alive


Anna led a happy childhood on planet houston living under a biodome out in the remote desert community of Huffman. Her father worked his own small cargo freighter ferrying trade goods to neighboring systems, And her mother worked hard keeping the small business's affairs in order. It was a relaxed affair and anna was brought up in a loving environment never wanting for much.. That was until the incident...

The fateful day her father dissapeared changed the young girls life forever. While on a regular trade run from Texas to Kepler.. And according to a high level Ageria Technologies inquiry. Was lost in hyperspace whilst travelling through the New York to Colorado Jump Gate.

Her mother fought Ageria for years in the courts, Their defence .. an act of nature.. Unwilling to pay the massive insurance premium for the accident. Slowly the familys money dried up from legal fee's and the case was dropped when the last credits where sucked from them. Her mother took it hard .. she hit the bottle and stayed there.

When she was fifteen anna ran away from home. Unable to bear seeing her mother in that state she stowed away on a transport bound for New London. The transport never made it.. hijacked on route by lane hackers.

Lane Hacker Years.

The transport was intercepted and escorted to a base operated by a group know as The Society a bunch of lane hackers eager to make a profit. There she was unloaded and stripped for parts. The occupants to be sold to slavery.

Anna's magnetic personality and friendliness saved her from this fate. One of the gang a man named Thomas Bell took a liking to the girl and took her under his wing. She spent the next two years learning how to repair ships, how to hack systems, to fly and fight... The day came when anna finally took her place in the wing, and she partook in her fair share of piracy and theft...

Out on her own one day in her beloved sabre, a gift from her mentor. Anna came across three ships in combat, to her just two pirates and a navy gunboat.. The pirates asked for help.. Anna refused. Little did she understand the politics behind her choice and unknown to her the ships she refused sent angry messages to The Society for they where allies.

Anna was sent before the masters .. They were distraught .. she had violated a code and her head was called for.. but they couldn't harm anna so a plan was formed where she could escape. She left in tears her life in ruins.. nothing but her ship and her personal belongings.. fresh warnings she had a 12 hour start before the bounty request was sent.. ringing in her ears.. She ran.. all the way to dublin.

Dublin's golden Years.