Ar Sogan

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Ar Sogan
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Core
Gender Male
Affiliation The Core
The Core since 05 November 819 A.S.
Rank Sentinel
Status Alive/Active
Born 4 September 799 A.S., Planet Leeds, Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia

Ar Sogan is a The Core member Born in 4 September 799 A.S. in Planet Leeds


At 15, Ar met Sid Fire and became a friend of work. one day Sid commissioned Ar to do a little service to build a base near LD-14, which will be called "Stonehenge Depot", but Ar didn't has the necessary materials and its requirements had to be bought by Gallic stations. So he decided to pursue a career as a Gateway Shipping to go into all the Sirius Sector. Ar then put aside that job for his friend saying that before you build the base had to validate government the Bretonia (350 million minimum) and did not have all that money. So he will go around the sirius sector to seek work from Freelancer at Bounty Hunters, because he could receive a lot of money hunting criminals. After the failure of the "Stonehenge Depot" project, Ar decided to pursue the Bounty hunter career in Liberty Space. Then stopped being a "Freelancer" and decided to register to the Core. Staying with their has caused to Sogan the development of a strong sense of rigidity to the rules and great loyalty. Now he knows that it is not just a normal bounty hunter. Sogan knows that fights for a self-proclaimed totalitarian empire that wants to conquer the entire Edge Worlds.


So far there are in total 5 memories avaiable in this character. Excluding the main page he has a personal database and 3 stories that can definite his past and his ambitions of the present.

Known ships

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