Planet Leeds

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Planet Leeds

Owner Gallic Royal Navy
Location 6E, Leeds
Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 10,723 km
Mass 5.11 x 10e25 kg
Temperature -30°C to 63°C
Escape velocity 9.21 km/sec

Perpetually swathed in its trademark smog storms, planet Leeds is a vast metropolis of manufacturing facilities, smelters, processing plants and environmentally sealed apartment blocks. Centuries of industrial abuse aided and abetted by morally corrupt corporations, lack of official oversight and severe overpopulation have lead to the planet being the symbol of everything the Green Front, and their unlawful counterparts the Gaians, fight against.

The Leeds system was quickly recognised as the most resource rich system under Bretonian control during the House's formative years. Many new companies, including Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing, were given near carte blanche to develop the system as they saw fit, and many colonists were given extremely generous incentives in order to move to Leeds and serve as the workforce. The planetary population has since climbed steadily, and the last census of the Leeds system in 810 A.S. listed the planet as having over 2.2 billion inhabitants, making it arguably the most heavily populated planet in the Sirius sector. This number has since been decimated by repeated wars and the threat of invasion. An exact census has not been taken in over five years, but it is expected the planet houses no more then 500.000 people as of 818 A.S., a number that is still rapidly declining.

Planet Leeds has suffered considerably from the continuous threat of hostile invasion. When it became clear that the Gallic Royal Navy would breach Leeds and lay siege to the planet, the ground contingent on Planet Leeds began fortifying themselves against an orbital assault. Using the deep mines and large subterranean industrial complexes which are practically impervious to orbital bombardment as shelters, the Armed Forces on Leeds and the Gallic Marines invading are both prepared for a long and bloody conflict in extremely hazardous conditions.

Missions Offered

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