Armund Pagasi

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Armund Pagasi
Armund Pagasi.jpg
Origin Edge Worlds [unconfirmed]
Gender Male
Affiliation Liberty Trade Shipping
Joined June, 819 A.S.
Rank Public Relations Officer
Status Active
Born 794 A.S. - On a slave ship
Died N/A

Short Biography

Beign born on a slave ship, Armund had an unhappy childhood. With an uncertain origin, he was sold as a slave in New York system. Armund has grown without parents and he worked as bartender in a bar from Planet Manhattan. Every day, he dreamed and listened carefully stories about the outside world, and he lived always with the hope that in future, he will see how it is this world. This dream has become reality when Armund has heard some stories about a company where are real chances to gain enough money that will help him to change something in his current lifestyle. Shortly, after an application, Armund has become an employee of Liberty Trade Shipping corporation and because of its active involvement, he was promoted to Public relations Officer position.

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