Augsburg Wreck

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Augsburg Wreck
Cathedral (Derelict) class Station
Augsburg Wreck.png
4A, Munich
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 120

The Augsburg Orbital Colony originally began construction in 781 A.S., but did not finish until 805 A.S., due to a shortage of funding. It was an effort by the Rheinland government to experiment with orbital cities in order to increase available living space without the need for planetary environments. Built around a modular design for easy upgrades, with large food producing biodomes and efficient solar and nuclear powered storage batteries, it is one of the largest space stations ever constructed, with a current population capacity of over a million people.

The Augsburg colony took the worst blow when the munich disaster struck. Much of the base ended up mired in the irradiated murk that now surrounds the system, which has rendered the base all uninhabitable. ALG is attempting a salvage operation,rebuilding the station using components salvaged from the wreck, but many parts of it are irreparably damaged. The Junkers have also been drawn to the wreck, and have begun stripping parts of it - salvaging whatever valuables or information the wealthy inhabitants may have left behind during the evacuation. Aside from ALG and junker vessels, civilian ships are able to safely operate inside the base, so the Rheinland authorities have not been able to put a stop to the junker activities.

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