Ingolstadt Station

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Ingolstadt Station
Abbey class Station
Ingolstadt Station.png
RepublicanLogoInvert.png Republican Shipping
2G, Munich
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 540

Ingolstadt Station was constructed in 730 A.S., a considerable amount of time after the initial colonisation of the Planet Nuremberg, in order to handle the ever increasing raw material imports and finished product exports from the many facturies on the planets surface. Most of the space onboard the station is made up of enormous storage bays, and automated loaders.

After the Nomad War ended in 801 A.S., Republican Shipping decided to move its center of operations to the Munich system, and although there were large corporate offices planetside, Ingolstadt Station was expanded considerably to serve as the corporate headquarters for Republican Shipping. In 815 A.S. the station was the target of a Unioner attack, which left over seventy people aboard the station dead.

With the dark matter storm drawing ever closer on Planet Nuremberg, it is not only the population of the planet that is scrambling to retrieve their meager belongings to flee the forces of nature. Corporations such as Republican Shipping invested large sums in operations in the Munich system, as with impending disaster looming on the horizon, the company is trying to save what they can dismantling Ingolstadt Station before it, too, is devoured by the storm front.

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