Aurillac Base

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BlueWarningTriangle.png This page has been retired but kept for historical or other reasons, The information on this page may be incorrect, out of date or just not relevant to this version of Discovery. It should not be taken as canon nor any authority on the current version of Discovery. It is kept simply to show some history of the Discovery Mod:
Aurillac Base was removed in 4.89? Maybe earlier

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Aurillac Base
Sylvestre class Asteroid Base
Aurillac Base.jpg
BrigandsLogo.png Gallic Brigands
C6, Auvergne
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 520

Despite its remote location within the Truyere Asteroid Field, Aurillac is the oldest known Pirate base built in the Auvergne system. It was probably built between 510 and 540 A.G.S., although the exact date isn't known. Most likely the first permanently inhabited base within the system, it lies near an alternate jump hole to Provence. The population of the base is heavily involved with the slave and Nox trade, but the substance is not usually sold onboard the station since local Brigand leaders want to prevent spreading the addiction to the base workers.

Missions Offered

Bribes Offered


  • None