Gallic Brigands

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This is an NPC faction.  For the rules for this particular faction, see Gallic Brigands ID.

Gallia Brigands
Origin Flag-gallia.png Kingdom of Gallia
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) unknown
Base of operations unknown

The Gallic Brigands, otherwise known as the Free Brigands of Gallia, is a loosely affiliated union of experienced criminals and other antisocial elements, many of whom are former Police pilots. The Brigands are known to be the largest criminal organization in Gallia


While Brigands sustain some sort of romantic aura of medieval highway bandits who robbed the rich and gave to the poor, they often do the opposite, robbing smaller shipping companies in favor of larger corporations and their Police protectors. Brigands are numerous, and in large numbers are a force to be reckoned with; together with the Unione Corse, they firmly control all black markets in Gallic space. While the Gallic Brigands avoid political struggle and have no sympathy for the ideals of the Council, it is widely known that they have indirectly assisted Maquis and Council in various operations of the Second Gallic War, including the liberation of Marne.



As a pirate organization, the Brigands are involved in some way involved in nearly every illicit activity in Gallia. Rumored to control over three quarters of the black market, they ruthlessly enforce this monopoly. Longtime smugglers between systems, the Brigands have recently increased their profits by running goods for the Council and the Maquis. Independant analysts have stated that the black market has grown by 150% in the last 30 years and that the frequency of pirate attacks have increased threefold in the border worlds. A sudden lack of government opposition due to the Navy's occupation with the Council has allowed the Brigands to expand their operations and develop new markets. They have recently created new bomber class craft and increased their defenses in order to protect themselves for the inevitable counterattack of the Gallic government. It is also widely rumored that the Brigands intend to expand into the newly reunited Sirius Sector.

Bases of Operation

The Brigands have several key bases in the Gallic Border Worlds. In Languedoc there is Narbonne Base, Valence Base in Dauphine, Montbard Base in Burgundy, and Epernay Station in Champagne. With the exception of Epernay, all are asteroid bases, often abandoned by their previous owners. These bases are heavily defended, and not able to afford any measure of mercy to possible foes, the Brigands will shoot first, ask questions later. Of late, the Brigands have had a presence on "liberated" planets like Marne and Quillan, even to the point of controlling a docking ring and mooring station above Marne. The large populations of these planets have provided the Brigands with a new source of recruits, and factories on Marne pump out all of the arms and supplies that the Brigands need.

Known Bases

Galic Brigands Sapceships


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