Bautzen Station

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Bautzen Station
Sanctuary class Station
Bautzen Station.jpg
BundschuhLogo.png Bundschuh
F4, Dresden
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Population 900

Built in 288 A.S., shortly after the construction of the New Berlin to Dresden Jump Gate, Bautzen Station supports the Kruger Minerals mining operations in the Dresden system. Smaller than the rival Daumann facility at Leipzig, Kruger chose to focus solely on the extraction of Diamonds from the shifting clouds and rogue asteroids that populate Dresden, particularly in the Schwefelnebel. It is from here that the famous Blue Diamonds, also known as "Hessian Tears" originated, mined from the lava fields of Dresden by Kruger miners. The vast majority of the diamonds mined in Dresden are used in industrial drills, as their quality is usually not good enough for the Luxury Goods markets.

Bautzen has been in operation for more than five centuries, and the station has seen better times. Old infrastructure combined with a dwindling supply of diamonds in the Schwefelnebel lead many to believe that Kruger is planning to decommission the base within the next decade, or sooner if the risk posed by the Red Hessians becomes too great. The station has found a slight respite in late 817, as prospectors located an area in the southern end of the Schwefelwolke which still had a considerable amount of Diamonds. Bautzen's mining operations now focus on that area.

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