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New Berlin
Federal Republic of Rheinland
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New Berlin is the capital system of the Federal Republic of Rheinland, the system was settled in 3 A.S, with the landing of the SS Rheinland on Planet New Berlin. Recent studies done by a group of government scientists estimated that the main star of the system, a white giant, will cease to exist in the next 300 years, due to the fact that the star will finish its hydrogen reserves.

An interesting factor of the system is given by the presence of a special space station, constructed by Daumann Heavy Construction, The Ring. The Ring was developed to gather solar energy and heat, and direct it towards the frozen Planet New Berlin. The space station was a total success.

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Asteroid Fields


A mined-out asteroid field. Its proximity to the Ring and Oder shipyards has made it a favorite hiding place for Bundschuh terrorists, while Unioners prefer to hit the diamond convoys passing along the Trade Lane to the Kruger Minerals headquarters on Essen Station.


A mined out asteroid field. Frequently used by Red Hessian pirates to attack Daumann and Kruger shipments arriving at the nearby Dresden Jump Gate -- or to make the occasional daring raid on the multitude of cargo ships docked at the Ring.



The New Berlin System was initially settled because of its abundant and easily accessible resources. But while the other asteroid fields in the area yielded their treasures with relative ease, the rich Ruhr Asteroid Field proved to be a treacherous terrain of toxic gases and radioactive pockets. The debris from many a destroyed ship still litters the area, providing ample fodder for local Junkers. Unioners and the LWB have also been known to take advantage of the natural cover provided by the field to attack nearby Trade Lanes.


A mined-out asteroid field. Red Hessian pirates will often retreat into this field following attacks on the nearby Trade Lanes.

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