Benito de Soto

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Benito de Soto
Ghosts of Razgriz
Origin Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts
Gender Male
Affiliation The 101st 101st Logo.png
Rank Lieutenant
Status Active (818 A.S.)
Born 771 A.S., Planet Malta

Benito was born on Planet Malta in 771 A.S. In early years, he participated in basic combat training with the goal to become a guard some day. But according to the circumstances his parents never been rich he used his capabilities to provide security for the transports leaving Alpha. It wasn't paid that well, but it's been enough to survive.

That changed with the day their convoy was running into an ambush. There was no chance, they've been waiting there. Somebody betrayed them. Benito lost all faith, he stopped trusting anyone.

Back in Alpha, Benito reminded his early days when his dream was to become a guard. He continued his training and finally was promoted to a guard. With his new self-confidence he applied for one of the most famous Outcast groups to join in their ranks ..