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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Outcasts

Ghosts of Razgriz
101st Logo.png
Origin Flag-outcasts.png Outcasts
Affiliation Outcasts
Alignment unlawful
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) unknown
Current leader(s) Valerio Rivera
Base of operations Corsica Outer Sanctum, Omicron-85

Brief History

The 101st Ghosts of Razgriz began as a science/exploratory squadron some 230 years ago, originally the 101st Spectres, and headed by the legendary Edmundo Razgriz, an astrophysicist notable for his incredible contributions to Singularity Physics and Applied Quantum Engineering. The initial purpose of the squadron was to explore the newly formed jumphole into a system shortly thereafter entitled Omicron-85. The jumphole likely formed as a direct result of the unusual supernova that destroyed the planet later signed Corsica and collapsed into the black hole the restricted military system is famous for.

The Omicron-85 supernova is unusual in that it was an intense, yet very small and exceptional restrained event - hence it shatterred Corsica instead of vaporizing it - and at the same time generated a stable quantum singularity, more commonly termed a black hole. Why it imploded as such is a subject of frequent discussion. Most theories revolve around the concept of a Rogue Singularity (also termed a rogue black hole), in which a black hole moves at incredible speeds outside of a regular orbit around the galactic core and collides with another object. This could have dulled the explosion while stabilizing the position of the singularity and giving it mass enough to remain stable at relatively stationary speeds (relatively to the galactic core). 85's second star has since been rapidly (relative, by which we mean a small decimal point every year) losing mass to the singularity.

Edmundo was a very inquisitive man and, using his military commission, attempted to create a team of scientists and engineers intent on the constructioon of a faster-than-light drive via their extensive knowledge of astrophysics and apllied quantum engineering. Their approach was do directly study the potential of using an artificial quantum singularity to compress and expand spacetime - a literal warp drive. The experiment culminated 180 years ago in a massive array constructed deep within the asteroid cloud that had been the planet Corsica before the unusual supernova. The experiment also was a collossal, though not total, failure - it managed to accelerate a probe, along with a 500-meter-wide coring of the cloud, well beyond lightspeed, and in doing so exploded, blowing a massive void in the Corsica cloud, leaving pockets of shrapnel and a small singularity of unknown nature. Said seems to be some kind of white hole, in that it emits large quantities of radiation across the whole spectrum. For reasons unknown, this radiation does not penetrate past the void. The original scientific version of the Ghosts of Razgriz was shifted to regular duty shortly after Edmundo died in 640 A.S. His corpse, as per his request, was cast into the black hole off of the newly constructed shipyard, titled Corsica after the former planet. A tradition kept to today. Many of his research projects allowed spatial enhancements in the construction of starship weaponry, shielding and engines, most of which remain unique to the heavier Outcast capital ships, for decades solely manufactured at Corsica. The black hole was named in his honour. Over the next hundred years the 101st saw a series of almost forty commanders, most of them very intelligent, yet very aggressive. They participated in numerous campaigns across Omicron Eta, taking part in several crucial battles to maintain the Outcast line in the system, and at 720 A.S., upon destroying Battleship Namura, were elevated to Guard status. In 784 A.S., the 101st, as a direct result of the destruction of three fourth of the 66th Maltese Fleet of which they were part of, were given status of the 101st Maltese Navy, the third of five of the Outcast fleets.

Ever since the 101st Ghosts of Razgriz evolved from a military squadron to the administrative body of the Nacion Maltese, as they took over crucial positions wherever the opportunity let them. Drifting apart more and more from what they have been in the beginning, the Ghosts had been Legislative, Judiciary and Executive all in one for almost over 140 years.

Their reign focussing on the wellbeing of the Nacion Maltese, the Ghosts shifted more into the administrative body they never posed nor felt to be since they first jumped past the unknown singularity uncovering the system that is ever since what they would call home. With origins on Malta, and at first solely composed of pilots from there, over the years Ghosts had quite a number of personnel from all over the sector, all with their very own background and introducing the 101st to methods and play they had not been entitled to before. With their horizons ever expanding, and the constant influx of ressources to develop and encourage their ideas of Nacions next evolutionary step towards becoming the most valuable asset mankind has in surviving this new era lying upon them, the Ghosts lost their connection to the basic needs of those people inhabiting Malta, those not serving in the military, those producing the precious pharmaceuticals derivated from Cardamine, to those regular soldiers fighting every day at the frontlines to secure the Nacions' wealth. The gap between the maltese people and the agenda of the Ghosts became an undeniable fact.

As of recently, with the latest swap on the Administrators position, the Razgriz' Ghosts are backing off from their appearance at planet Malta and cover their operations in a shadowly act of secrecy buried deep within their very own part of Outcast space, restricted to just their own personnel. It is rumored they are calling in for all their former, dismissed and outcasted pilots in an act of transition to once more follow the scientific path of exploration and discovery, paired with the assets of military power, economic prosperity and industrial covering that had been built up over the decades of their ruling. They have been seen interacting with k'Hara entities and those aligned with them, as well as with highly specialised groups on their fields of operations, indicating that the Ghosts found back to their desire for expanding known knowledge past the boundaries of imagination and restrictions their environment setted upon them.

Ishmael they call Malta. Empire they call the Nacion Maltese. There is one saying these days, and they repeat it wherever possible...


Faction Relationship
Nacion Maltese
Golden Chrysanthemums
Lane Hackers
Liberty Rogues
Slomon K'Hara
The Wild
Blood Dragons
Bretonia Police Authority
Bretonia Armed Forces
Everyone Else

Zone of Influence


  • The 101st have ultimate control of Omicron-85, as it is restricted military airspace directly under their jurisdiction.
  • The Corsica-Sanctum and the Captana are restricted to 101st pilots only
  • All vessels identifying as Outcasts are granted access to Bastia Outpost.
  • All vessels identifying as Outcasts are granted passage to Omicron-Eta.
  • Foreign units are only granted access to Omicron-85 on a case-to-case basis. Any foreigner granted access must be escorted by a 101st pilot at any given time. Any independent travel without escort is highly forbidden and punishable by the immediate destruction of the vessel and all data gathered on the Omicron-85 system.
  • All unauthorized entry into the Omicron-85 system is considered trespassing on military ground, and warrants the immediate execution of the trespasser.

Other systems

  • Omicron Alpha
  • Omicron Beta
  • Omicron-81
  • Omicron-80
  • Tau-23


Outcast-produced Equipment and Weaponry:

  • "Dragoon" Series
  • "Kraken" Series
  • "Wyrm" Series
  • "Debilitator" Series
  • "Inferno" Pulse Cannon
  • "Mini Razor" Antimatter Cannon
  • All types of shields, scanners, thrusters, mines, missiles, torpedoes, and armour enhancements

* Use of allied and Codename-type weaponry requires permission from the Ghosts administrator.

Borderworld and the Maltese shiplines:

  • Scimitar
  • Switchblade
  • Sabre
  • Cutlass

  • Gladius
  • Carabela
  • Rapier
  • Falcata

* Use of allied ships and Outcast-produced vessels of gunboat size and larger requires written permission from the Ghosts administrator.

Equipment-orders recollected:

  • Borderworld-/Edgeworld-shipline and Outcasts shipline
  • Outcast-produced weaponry, Debilitator-type weapons and Codename-type weaponry
  • Outcast-Guard transponder signal
  • Ghosts of Razgriz identification card

Active Roster


  • Valerio Rivera

Vanguards: Razgriz administrative proxy

  • Melissa Sanchez
  • Itziar Leiseka

Ghosts: Soldiers of the Razgriz are accounted as Ghosts

  • Apollo Venkman
  • Ben Valdez
  • Diego Malasorte
  • Elena De Domenico
  • Francesco.Alonzo
  • Saerieve
  • Sebastian Rodriguez


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