Bourbon Base

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Bourbon Base
Orsini class Asteroid Base
Bourbon Base.jpg
CorseLogo.png Unione Corse
7E, Burgundy
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 440

Bourbon once belonged to Junkers, but in 671 A.S. it was captured by Unione Corse, with all inhabitants, including women and children, supposedly massacred or thrown into space. It is unknown what caused this outbreak of hostility between factions who generally stay neutral to each other or act as allies. Most probably, it was revenge for a hostile act of the local Junker leaders. Nevertheless, the base has since belonged to Unione Corse, and the Junkers never made demands to regain it. Instead, in 690 A.S. they built Bourg-en-Bresse Space Port as their new base of operations in the Burgundy system.

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