Cat and Mouse

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Also known as "Follow the Leader."

This is normally done in larger battles of between four or more players. This is a little bit harder to achieve but works well in larger battles. To get into a Cat and Mouse, you need to have all your team mates target the same guy as you. This way, you'll get him to run in a huge circle, breaking the commonly used Jousting method of dog fighting.

There are several ways to use this tactic, one of the ways that I use is getting behind the enemy pilot and leading him. You can do this by jousting towards him, quickly turning to where he is now in front of you and running in a circle. Tap your thruster key to where you can keep the targeting recital on his cross-hair, and fire away.

Another way, is by having two people jousting one target. That way, one of the two allies can slip behind the enemy and literally follow him from the back-side and nail him even more while he's turning. Normally people tend to ignore the following ship, and focus on the main target. But if the following ship is quick enough, it can put enough damage into the enemy to make them think otherwise.

Last, the Cat and Mouse tactic can also be used if you're in an Upgraded Light Fighter, and your facing a bomber, since bombers have slower turning speed you should be able to dance out of the way quickly to get behind the bomber before they have a chance to fire a shot at you.

Note: To enter a perfect Cat and Mouse, you may want to use Engine Kill as the starter.

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