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Jousting is a term to describe a certain tact of dogfighting in space. This occurs when two players are both using engine kill to constantly turn on each other. They will both attempt to do this as fast as possible in order to catch their opponent on their flanks while they turn. This is because at this time their opponent does not have them in view and it provides a greater surface area for them to land their shots onto their enemy.

It begins when two players both fly toward each other head on attempting to damage their opponent until they have passed by. Then both players attempt the same engine kill maneuver simultaneously by rounding on each other and using their thruster to charge at each other head on again. During this time rapid use of all four strafe directions may be used to evade oncoming fire. As long as this maneuver is repeated by both players this is considered jousting. The joust usually ends when one player has been eliminated or one player decides to break the pattern of repetitive engine kill by turning away from his or her opponent.

This dogfighting tactic is very common in Modern Player versus Player combat and is more commonly used in Heavy Fighters, Very Heavy Fighters, Super Heavy Fighters and occasionally Bombers.

Jousting is only effective when one's craft can handle the damage that is being dealt by the opposing player. Ships that depend on superior maneouverability fare poorly in a joust. Any craft without shields will receive massive damage from an opposing jouster. Much of the damage that is dealt in a joust comes from heavier weapons such as the SNAC and Mini Razor. Opposing craft will often drop mines when the ships cross.